Why car leasing is ideal for young professionals

For anyone entering the workplace these days, a car is almost essential. The ability to drive opens up far more employment opportunities, allowing you more freedom and progression. However, for anyone just leaving university with a tonne of debt, or even someone a few years down the line who’s still struggling to cope on a low wage, it might seem like an impossible thing to achieve.

These are just a couple of reasons why car leasing has seen a huge boost in business, as more young professionals receive all the benefits of a new car without the hefty price tag. If you still need convincing, here are a few more reasons to lease a car as a young professional…

More for your money
If you were to look at buying a car as a young person, you’d either have to save for years just for a small amount of money to be spent on an old car, or to get enough together for a deposit as part of a finance deal, which ties you in to huge monthly payments for years. When you lease a car instead, you’ll get a vehicle that’s straight off the factory floor, with little or no down-payment, and additional benefits such as breakdown cover and a manufacturer’s warranty.

Decreasing payments
When buying outright, depending on the car in question, you could lose thousands off the initial cost in the first year alone due to depreciation, simply by driving it out of the dealership. Plus, if you bought the car on finance, your monthly payments stay the same even though the car is worth less, and when you come to re-sell it you’ll take a big hit on your initial investment. If you were to rent the exact same vehicle, each year your payments would decrease in accordance with the car’s new value, freeing up more cash from your income.

Dressed to impress
Although it might not seem fair, appearance definitely counts. You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview in a hoodie, so don’t turn up to an important client meeting in a beaten-up car. Renting a smart-looking, reliable car will project the exact same image of success and dependability onto you as a person.

Be prepared
Life is full of surprises, so making sure certain things are as flexible as possible is a definite bonus. When it comes to your car, it needs to be able to adapt to changes in your lifestyle, which is why the ability to change your car as often as you need to can be a huge weight off your mind. Whether it’s the need for a family car sooner than expected, or you’ve decided to go travelling and need to move on your vehicle, you can simply exchange or hand back your car while renting it, with no hassle of a re-sale.

You can find out how to set up your own car lease here – we’d love to know your thoughts on today’s article so please leave them below…

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