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Choosing Your First Electric Bicycle

Whether you have been a dedicated bike enthusiast for years or are looking to purchase your first set of wheels, electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are growing in popularity. With so many brands and styles to choose from, deciding to purchase your first electric bicycle alberta ca can be a bit overwhelming.


The first thing to think about as you are making your decision is what you plan to do with your bike. Where will you ride? If you plan to ride off-road, you will want to look at mountain bikes. Not only are these great for trails, but they can be used on pavement and for commuting, too. If you will be sticking to streets and paved bike trails, a cruiser is what you are looking for. Cruisers tend to have larger tires and wider seats for extra comfort while commuting. Road bikes are more stream-lined than cruisers. If you need to haul a load, electric cargo bikes are just the ticket. They can pull a small cart or carry tools or produce on racks.


Electric bicycles come in two types: pedal assist and power on command. Pedal assist bikes, as their name implies have motors that require the rider to pedal in order to get the motor started. Power on command do not. When you want to use the motor, you simply press the throttle, like a motorbike, and off you go. Depending upon the amount you use the motor, e-bikes can run for 15-60 miles on one charge. There are also retrofitting kits to add a motor to an existing bike.


You can get an electric bicycle in a wide range of prices beginning at $300 to $500 and up into the thousands. It all depends on the size and placement of the motor as well as various accessories. While e-bikes cost more than standard bicycles, they are still less expensive than a car.

The electric bicycle is the transport of the future. Check one out today.

Unique Rides That Fit Your Need For Speed

Often times, cars are a necessity for commuting and transportation. However, there are some vehicles that are perfect for showing off your personality and fun. Find a vehicle that fits your level of adventure and speed so driving can be enjoyable as well as mandatory.

Rev Up In a Motorcycle

If you have a rebellious streak, a motorcycle is exactly what you need. Motorcycles are great because you can travel on the road with them and can get to your destination quicker. However, make sure to follow safety rules: always wear a helmet and respect traffic laws. If you rather take your wheels off-road, consider purchasing vintage Yamaha motocross bikes. You can ride these on almost any terrain and even train to compete in motocross racing.

Ride On a Bicycle

Bicycles are great for people who an adventurous spirit or like to stay active. While they don’t have an engine, they still allow you to get to places fast. There are some places that have bike lanes so that you can travel on roads or sidewalks without fear of any collisions. You can ride bicycles through cities to avoid traffic or in nature terrains including forests and mountains. Be sure to learn the proper way to ride a bike first. Start with training wheels and work your way up to two wheels.

Cruise On a Speedboat or Jetski

If you are getting sick of traveling on solid ground, these unique options will be right up your alley. If you want a nice relaxing time on the water, buy a boat or canoe. If you have a need for speed and riding the waves, try out a jet ski, kayak or speedboat. The best aspect of these sea-traveling options is that you can try them out by renting them first. If you enjoy them, you can save up and splurge on one of your own.

Try one or more of these options to spice up the way you get around.

4 Great Gifts for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Do you have a motorcycle fan in your life who loves things like gloves, helmets and chaps? Do you want to get them a holiday gift that reflects their passion for the road? Here are just a few presents that any motorcycle enthusiast is sure to love.

1. Boots

Every motorcycle rider needs a good pair of leather boots, so if your loved one hasn’t made the splurge, you can do it for them. Find something with good traction on the bottom and a comfortable fit on the inside. They’ll appreciate both the fashion and function of the gift, and you can rest assured that they’ll have safe accessories for their hobby.

2. Lights

You might not want to buy bike lights since you can’t be sure that you’re buying the right kind for the bike’s make and model. It’s a bit like buying jewelry for a woman that you don’t know. However, feel free to buy lights that are snapped to vests and wrist cuffs; they’ll improve visibility for a rider on the road, and they’re generic enough that you can’t really get it “wrong” when you shop for them.

3. Novelty Gifts

You can find all sorts of novelty gifts for motorcycle fans. From t-shirts to coffee mugs, it’s just a matter of deciding which ones will get the biggest laugh. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you find something goofy and unique.

4. Thermal Chaps

Anyone can buy a pair of chaps for fun and fashion, but thermal chaps also serve a purpose. They’ll keep your rider nice and warm while they’re hitting the open road, and they’ll prevent damage to legs, pants and boots with their protective barrier. Just make sure that you’re buying the right size for your loved one.

These are just a few gifts that are sure to delight the motorcycle fan in your life. Whether you’re considering a brand-new bike or a small purchase of ladies motorcycle chaps, use these suggestions to find something that will bring a smile to their face when they’re sitting by the tree.

An Overview of Das Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme)

Motorbikes are a highly economical mode of road travel. They are cost effective and therefore simple to access and take care of. Better still, their compact size means that riders can easily negotiate their way through queues of traffic. Moreover, motorbike travel is exhilarating, so it’s a beloved recreational pursuit among motorcycle aficionados. To become a qualified motorbike rider, you have to undergo training courses, like DAS training short for (Direct Access Scheme) and CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). These courses will give you the requisite skills for motorcycle riding and help you to understand the highway code.

DAS Training in Focus

DAS training is intended for anyone who wants to obtain an unlimited and full motorcycle license. Normally, it is available to anyone who is over twenty-four years old. Nonetheless, this does not apply to holders of A2 motorbike licenses, who have been license holders for over two years and who take the progressive access route. These people only have to resit their practical exam on bigger unrestricted motorbikes. People without A2 licenses have to undergo Compulsory Basic Training, and be capable of riding motorbikes confidently.

The DAS exam is carried out on scooters and motorbikes with power outputs that exceed forty kw, with a minimum of 595 cc. If possible, you should take the exam on a manual bike, instead of doing it on a bike with automatic controls, because this enables you to use automatic and manual motorbikes. After you complete the DAS course, you will get an unrestricted motorcycle license. Then, you will be able to ride the motorcycle or scooter of your choice, carry pillion passengers and travel on motorways.

Finding a Training Center

DAS courses are popular with lots of riders, including those in the public eye. These courses allow you to experience the full joy of motorbike riding. Numerous training centers exist, but not all are created equal. Novices who wish to acquire a full, unrestricted motorcycle license should undergo DAS training and CBT training, by registering with the London Schools full motorcyclist training course.

MotorBike Blog

In the history of motorbikes, honda bikes hold a very important position. In present day times, they are the leading brand of not only motorbikes but also other recreational vehicles, such as four wheelers, as well.

The founder of the Honda company was Soichiro Honda who had a fascination with speed. It only stands to reason that the thought of a small, powerful engine that could attain very fast speeds would appeal to him. A fact not known by many is the fact that motorbikes were actually invented because of the need for transportation that people could afford to pay for after the second World War.

Mr. Honda produced his first motorcycle in 1949. Because of the awe surrounding his creation, the motorbike was called The Dream and also referred to as Model D. He produced several other models of motorbikes over the next few years while he was also taking part in different motorbike races.

Honda bikes continued to build popularity for their speed, good looks, reliability and economical pricing. The Honda company began selling their bikes in the United States in the 1960s. Their best year of production was 1982 when they produced a record number of motor bikes, near three million.

Another important happening for Honda bikes occurred in the same year; Honda Racing Corporation was born. This means they began to gear the production of some of their motorbikes specifically for the racing circuit which was a delight to many of those who already loved Honda bikes.

Today, Honda bikes are still very popular and loved by many. They have a rich history to offer, a solid reputation for being dependable and all of the other qualities that have always drawn people to this company. Honda has a bright future ahead in the field of motorbikes.