Express Love to Your Spouse By Hiring a Limousine

It’s important to let your spouse know how much you love them. However, while you know you should let them know you love them on a daily basis, sometimes those little moments get pushed to the side with adult responsibilities—be it work, kids, pets, bills, etc. But you can start now.

While these suggestions are short of hiring a limo service in Miami, they will make as big an impact because those little things matter. Here are a few simple everyday DIY ideas to clearly, sweetly express love to your honey.

1) Pack Their Lunch with Love (and a note)

Remember those sweet nothings you two used to whisper into each other’s ears when you first got together? Bring that back—but in written form. Offer to pack your sweetheart’s lunch for the next day and slip in a little love note that expresses how much and why you love them.

2) Make a Framed Collage of Your Favorite Photos Together

The beauty of being together for awhile is that you two have lots of great pictures together spanning the years. If your sweetie is the sentimental type, find an awesome frame and DIY a collage of couple photos. You could even add a red construction paper heart to the center of the collage to symbolize love. Simple but classic.

3) Do Your Best Caricature of the Two of You Together—Don’t Forget the Fluttering Cartoon Hearts!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or not—if you have any artistic talent or not. Caricatures are those adorable, often funny cartoons pictures that you pay for at fairs, carnivals, or amusement parks. Often awesome and done by professional artists, these are the kinds of things you want to frame. But it will mean more coming from you. So, try your best to capture you and your honey in a funny cartoon way, surrounded by sweet fluttering hearts. Frame it!

4) Make Heart-Shaped Chocolates in Your Very Own Kitchen

Making chocolates is way easier than you would expect. All you need are chocolate morsels and a chocolates mold—like an ice cube tray for chocolate makers. Find a mold of hearts, melt down your chocolate, and pour. Set it in the fridge for a few hours to set and voila—yummy, delicious chocolates for your honey.

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