10 Futuristic Bike Designs We Can’t Wait to Ride

Bike design is constantly adjusting to remain relevant with technology and brand image trends. Some changes may involve making slight modifications to an existing model while others can have far-reaching implications.

DeepLocal’s new bike features an app-connected smartphone that enables riders to control shifting wirelessly – opening up an exciting array of possibilities and potentially automating riding completely.

Arc Vector

Anyone familiar with 2010’s Tron Legacy movie will recognize this incredible bike. However, unlike those seen in the film it actually exists and can be purchased.

Electric bike motors deliver eye-watering speed and instant torque. Plus, each one can be customized to the individual owner’s specific requirements – meaning power and suspension settings can be altered as necessary to meet their needs.

The Vector also comes equipped with haptic tappers woven into its Origin rider jacket to warn riders when something is in their blind spot, following too closely, exceeding speed limits or other potentially hazardous behaviors.

Damon HyperFighter

Canadian startup Motul first made headlines with their electric HyperSport prototype a couple years ago and now promise even more impressive specs in their Colossus bike, featuring rider assist tech which could make this model an industry winner.

CoPilot system from BMW acts like your sixth sense by monitoring for 64 potential hazards using cameras, radar, haptic feedback in handlebars and LEDs in windscreen.

WIRED tested early Damon prototypes, it was possible to quickly adjust bar height, footpeg position and seat height as needed to move from sportbike crouching into more upright riding posture.


The Colossus bike was created specifically for young adults looking for fast rides. Featuring high-end motorcycle components in an eye-catching design and equipped with an AI engine which tracks ride data to become smarter with each use, The Colossus provides young riders a powerful machine.

This electric bike marries classic design and cutting-edge technology. It comes equipped with a front-wheel drive motor, removable battery pack and an augmented reality display in its helmet visor, plus it boasts an innovative regenerative braking system to help maintain battery charging capacity.

Zero SR/S

With zero-shifting, infinite power, and regenerative braking capabilities, the SR/S is pure adrenaline. At any moment when you twist the throttle it unleashes a torrent of torque that’s ready to power its way along a coastal passing lane or seamlessly merge with freeway traffic.

Zero’s full-fairing model exudes premium allure while increasing highway efficiency by 13% compared to their SR/F naked model. Furthermore, it accommodates more relaxed riding positions with raised bars and lower footrests for two-up travel comfort; plus Showa suspension front and rear makes this bike stand out.


Gizmag, the technology website, first dubbed this Austrian electric motorcycle a snail back in February – but it is all about providing clean energy at affordable costs while transporting passengers between locations.

The Johammer is constructed around an aluminum frame featuring hub-centre steering and suspension. Equipped with a 12.7kWh battery pack that offers 200 kilometers of range, it’s currently available to order, but be prepared to spend some money.

Moto Undone

Oneobject takes the Scandinavian style and marries it to an electric bike design capable of taking on even the roughest roads. Its hard shell protects a hub motor while leaving space for handlebars, seat, foot pegs and batteries.

Designer Joey Ruiter of jruiter I.D. flips convention on its head with his Moto Undone creation, making a museum wall hanging-esque vehicle that only shows itself to be functional with its foot pegs and seat gaps showing.

Kawasaki J

At Tokyo Motor Show 2013, this remarkable tricycle made from Kawasaki J Concept parts looked like something out of Batman films or Tron Light Cycle. Adjustable arms control two front wheels and seat, adapting itself perfectly for each driver for an unforgettable riding experience.

Arms also allow handles to move in tandem with wheel orientation; when turning corners, this allows the handle on the inside wheel to rise while those attached to its neighboring wheels lower as one approaches corners. Although only a concept at present, we’d love to see something like this make its way into production!

Mondlicht Bike

Mondlicht Bike’s sleek frame conceals a powerful motor and large batteries designed for speed. Reaching 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds, its impressive range can reach 400 kilometers.

Mondlicht Studios designed this bike as a passion project. It features an athletic silhouette with hubless wheels to suggest speed even when sitting still, plus smart features such as auto-shifting and mini lockable safe.

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