Auto Rental – What You Must Know

An auto rental, motor vehicle hire, or auto hire service is a business which hires cars for short periods of use, usually ranging from several days to a week. Hiring an auto is very convenient as there is no need to arrange for transportation or waste time waiting for your turn at the driving point. Auto rentals are available across Australia from major rental companies. The major auto rental companies are Enterprise, Budget, Hertz, National, Payless, and Enterprise.


When you rent a vehicle through an auto rental agreement, you can travel anywhere in the country you wish to go. You can also choose your own schedules. Most rental vehicles come standard with air conditioning, power steering, and satellite radio. There may be other optional features available depending on the rental company and model of car you choose. You can contact the rental company to inquire about additional features or to make sure a feature is available in the vehicle you choose. If you do not have access to features already installed in the car you wish to rent, some rental companies will install them for an additional fee.


You can also choose to make your reservations online. Some rental companies require immediate confirmation of reservations by phone or online using credit cards. The reservation process can be very easy as you make your reservation through a website or by calling the customer service number provided on the website. Most rental companies offer a free rental rate calculator online to help you determine your budget for renting a vehicle.


You should keep in mind that signing a full or partial rental agreement does not grant permission to the person named in the agreement to drive the rented vehicle. This includes signing a liability or collision damage waiver. A copy of the signed agreement should be kept in your car at all times. You should also inform the company of any previous driving offenses involving driving under the influence or any previous traffic violations.


If you have another person with a valid driver’s license who wishes to drive the car you are renting, it is important that you let the person know that you will be requiring that person to be a licensed driver when the rental is complete and they obtain their own driver’s license. Without telling the person that you will be requiring that person to have a license they will most likely attempt to obtain another person’s license in order to obtain your car. If they are successful in doing this they may not be licensed to drive at all. If they are able to obtain your car without a drivers license it could put you in serious financial difficulty. For this reason it is important that you get all of the information you need to make a responsible decision about renting from an online rental company.


It is important that you only allow one person to be driving the car while you are renting. On the rental day the person who will be driving the vehicle should already be in the car and the others should have arrived at the rental location. There should be someone there at the rental location, who can make any necessary arrangements to ensure that another person is allowed to drive the vehicle when it is in use. This will ensure that the other driver is only there because they are authorized drivers on the rental company’s policy and that they are also legitimate people who have been licensed through the proper authorities.

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