Michelin Tyres – An overview

In the United Kingdom, Michelin tyres was set up in the year 1905 in the month of May. The entire sales team of Michelin essentially comprises more than hundred tyre distributors in the UK that work for Michelin. More than 100 years now, aside from tyres the company has also diversified into other areas like publishing, industrial training, and economic development. The tyre giant has manufacturing unit at Ballymena where truck and bus tyres are produced. The first tyre to roll out from this factory was on the 3rd day of December in the year 1969. The factory is spread over 112 acres or 45 hectares of land. Most of the tyres that are produced in this factory of Ballymena are exported (around 70% of the total production). Currently there are as many as 1100 plus employees that are working at the factory.

Michelin tyres for cars are manufactured in Dundee. As many as 7,000,000 car tyres are manufactured in this factory every year. These tyres are again exported worldwide. This factory started its operations in the year 1972 with almost 1000 plus employees. Truck tyres are also retreaded at Michelin and this is done at Stoke-on-Trent factory. It is done to enhance the mileage of vehicles. Aside from manufacturing excellent quality tyres for all types of vehicles, Michelin tyres is also into tyre training. The MTC or Michelin Training Center is meant or just that. Courses are offered on different topics related to tyres and aside from theoretical classes, hands-on training is also imparted. The training is imparted keeping in mind the management, sales, and technical aspects that are related to tyres. There are several other tyre manufacturing companies in the UK and one of the prominent ones is Barum Tyres that also operates in the United Kingdom. A bird’s eye view of this tyre builder has been provided below.

Another tyre stalwart that operates in the tyre markets of UK is Barum tyres. Barum tyres was formed by the fusion of 3 well known companies, namely, Bata, Rubena, and Mitas. The main advantage of merging all the 3 companies to give rise to Barum tyres was that the infrastructure and technical knowledge could be made use of to make the best tyres in the market in the UK. Barum eventually also paired up with the well known tyre giant Continental tyres in the year 1992. It was basically a joint venture.

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