CBT Test Centers

When you’re ready to begin your Compulsory Basic Training you’ll need to set up an appointment at one of the approved testing centers. All of our testing centers as well as the courses we provide are approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) so you know you’re not only getting the best training available, but also that our facilities are safe.

Getting Certified
The course will take place both in a simple classroom setting as well as on our closed course and on the public roadways. Our closed course is set up to accurately simulate driving on public roads with many of the different things you’ll encounter including tight turns, stop signs, simulated traffic and much more. If you’re new to riding a moped or any motorized bike you’ll undoubtedly learn a lot about the differences in driving a bike and a car very quickly. Even for those who have experience on a moped, this is an excellent way to hone your skills.

Once you’ve proven yourself in both the classroom setting and on our closed course we’ll take you out on the public roads to demonstrate the skills you’ve learned. The tests on the public roads will ensure you know everything required to safely drive a moped on the road including things like:

• Understanding All Road Signs
• Following General Traffic Rules
• Knowing how to signal a turn or a stop
• Adjusting your riding for conditions
• Much more

Scheduling Your Test
When you’re ready to take the test just give us a call or fill out our online form to set it up. Before you can start your training we will need the payment in full, all the required paperwork and information about your bike if you’re using your own for the test. We can provide training on either weekday or weekend days, but once our schedule is full we won’t accept additional students so be sure to plan ahead as soon as you feel your ready to take the test. Remember, this is not like a traditional driving test on cbt test centres. Most people find that everything from the classwork to the road tests are actually enjoyable as well as informational so don’t get nervous, just come out, have some fun and pass that test!

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