Safety Tips for Driving Late at Night

Whether drivers are on the road late at night because they have to be or they simply enjoy attending concerts or hanging out at other late-night venues, staying safe on the road after hours is vitally important to both their safety and that of their passengers. From the basic to the advanced, there are plenty of ways to stay safe after sunset.

Dimming other lights in the vehicle is one way that drivers can improve their nighttime vision. While overhead or dashboard lights may not seem like they are producing enough light to affect vision, they are. By turning down or eliminating all light sources in the vehicle, drivers are likely to be safer on the roads.

Drivers on dark, rural roads are often alert for wildlife crossing in front of their cars, but animals also occasionally wander into traffic in urban areas and the on highway. Learning to spot the glow of the headlights in an animal’s eyes may help drivers avoid what could prove to be a costly collision with it.

While cleaning a car’s windows seems like a logical way to ensure that the driver can see, it is more important to do it correctly. Simply washing the windshield will make daytime driving a snap, but those traveling at night need to enure that they have also polished the glass with newspaper to remove glare-creating streaks.

While many new cars come with factory-installed LED lights, those driving older vehicles may find that installing their own LED auto headlights is a good way to shed more light on the road in front of them. Similarly, adding high-quality auxiliary lights may also improve nighttime vision on the road.

One of the best ways to ensure that the road remains clearly in vision is for drivers to keep their eyes healthy. Those suffering from conditions that affect vision, such as diabetes or glaucoma, may wish to speak to their ophthalmologist about driving at night; healthy individuals should consider an annual eye exam to maintain excellent vision.

Cautious Driving Counts
Both new and experienced drivers must use caution behind the wheel of a car; this is especially important when it is dark outside or the weather is lowering on-road visibility. By taking time to learn to drive safely at night, everyone on the road has a better chance of arriving at their destination safely.

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