Driveaway Services Vs. Traditional Auto Transport – Which is Right for You?

Unlike traditional auto transport, driveaway services deliver your vehicle straight to its destination. Your car is driven by a professional driver and inspected to record its condition before and upon departure.

Since your vehicle is the sole focus of the driver, it won’t be subject to multiple detours that could add days to transit times. However, it does expose your vehicle to the elements.


Drive-away service in North America can sometimes be cheaper than shipping through a traditional auto transport service. However, consider the cost of airfare, food, lodging, and gas when considering this option.

Also, be sure to ask your driveaway company about insurance options. Many of these services offer coverage for the driver and vehicle, but not all do. You can save money but risk a costly repair bill in the event of an accident or road damage.

In addition to these costs, driving your vehicle long distances can cause unwanted wear and tear on the engine. This can lead to expensive repairs, especially if your car is driven by someone unfamiliar. Choosing an experienced and reputable auto transport company can eliminate these issues and ensure your vehicle is delivered in the same condition it left. Contact us today for more information on our fast, safe, affordable auto transport solutions.


Unlike car shipping companies that send their trucks or transport vehicles to pickup locations, driveaway services pick up and drop off your vehicle directly from your home. This eliminates the need to travel to a terminal to pick up and drop off your car, saving time and money.

Using a driveaway service also reduces the risk of damage caused by loading and unloading your car onto a transporter. This is because your vehicle won’t be stacked on top of up to nine other cars, increasing the risk of collision and damage.

Another benefit of driveaway services is that they typically offer guaranteed delivery times. This is because the drivers don’t have to deal with many cars in their care, causing delays in transit. Instead, they are driving from Point A to Point B – no stops in between. This can reduce transit time by days compared to traditional bulk transporters.


Driveaway services work differently than traditional auto transport. Instead of loading your car on a carrier, they send a driver to drive it from one location to another physically. This can be an advantage for people who want to save money on the cost of shipping but need a service that guarantees their car will arrive at its destination safely.

However, driving your car from point A to point B will add miles on the odometer and may result in more wear and tear than a carrier would. This is especially true if you transport a large vehicle, such as a commercial truck or digger derrick.

Most reputable companies require drivers to have clean records and have worked in the industry for at least a few years. Some even employ drivers full-time and consider them long-haul truckers. This makes them well-versed in auto transport logistics and know how to navigate the most efficient route for your needs.


Driveaway services offer door-to-door service, so you don’t have to worry about getting your car to a transport terminal. This can save you time and money. However, it can also cause more wear and tear on your vehicle, especially if you’re shipping across the country.

The drivers for these companies are full-time employees, usually long-haul truckers who work for transportation agencies and car dealerships. They must meet company requirements regarding driving history, age, and experience. They must carry insurance to cover their cargo and may be subject to drug tests or background checks.

Some driveaway companies require that you empty your trunk of personal belongings to reduce weight and ensure the car is safe for driving. Others allow you to leave a few items in the vehicle. Whatever you choose, be sure to document the condition of your car before it leaves your pickup location for the best results. Some transport companies also offer enclosed car shipping for high-value vehicles that need extra protection.

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