Truck Rental – Moving on a Budget

Truck rental is often the cheapest and easiest solution when moving on a tight budget, while freight trailers tend to be more costly and require driver coordination.

Leasing commercial trucks instead of purchasing them can make more financial sense for some businesses. Be sure to choose a leasing plan tailored specifically to your fleet needs.

Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Full-size pickup trucks (known as half-ton vehicles) are typically what come to mind when one thinks of trucks. From hauling trailers or towing boats to pulling carts around town, these massive machines can do it all and more!

Today’s best pickup trucks go far beyond simply towing and hauling capabilities; they often include high-tech driver assistance systems as well as luxurious interiors that rival many luxury sedans in terms of rear seat headroom.

Full-size pickup trucks come with various bed lengths and cab configurations, from regular cab models offering one row of seating to extended and crew cab variants featuring two. Their beds can be outfitted with various accessories like stowable loading ramps, stake pockets, tie-down loops or spray-in or drop-in liners to protect from scratches and dents – while some even boast tailgate steps, remote tailgate release buttons, power tailgate releases or power tailgate release features.

Small Pickup Trucks

Truck market choices have never been as extensive; there’s something suitable for every lifestyle among them! Trucks vary by size, price, fuel economy, comfort and performance features.

Small pickup trucks have seen increasing popularity over the past several years for good reason: they’re more manageable, easier to maneuver and require less maintenance than larger vehicles – not to mention they often come equipped with more cargo space than expected!

Though these trucks may be smaller than full-sized pickups, they still boast ample capabilities and can tow up to 7,000 pounds on average. Plus, they’re more affordable to own and run than full-sized models; their smaller footprint makes them perfect for urban driving and tight spaces; plus workers don’t require the additional power or payload capacities that larger half-ton models offer. In addition, new models boast brawnier looks, improved off-road capability, and luxurious interiors.

Large Pickup Trucks

Trucks are immensely popular because their owners enjoy customizing them with aftermarket parts and accessories, providing endless customization opportunities for pickup owners everywhere. There are forums online and vehicle meetups throughout the nation dedicated to pickup owners; additionally there are various bed sizes to suit any driver’s needs, from short beds ideally suited for tight parking spots to longer beds that provide plenty of room to transport gear.

Trucks boast much higher payload capacities than cars, making them ideal vehicles for farmers or construction workers who need to transport supplies or tools, boats or trailers; camping gear; sports equipment; science projects or any other cargo needed by families on the go.

Trucks equipped with crew cabs are the perfect choice for road travelers and families, offering four full-sized doors and two rows of seating to provide everyone the ability to sit together comfortably.

Commercial Trucks

Commercial vehicles must adhere to stringent legal standards and regulations, with categories being established according to size, weight and use. Classifying as commercial will impact insurance rates as well as liability in case of accidents.

Commercial trucks include many common varieties such as dump trucks, delivery vehicles, courier delivery vans, residential garbage pickup vehicles and tractor-trailers (commonly referred to as Big Rigs or Eighteen Wheelers).

Bergey’s offers an extensive selection of light and medium duty commercial trucks from Ford, Chevrolet and GMC for you to compare before making the right selection for your needs.

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