Employ Old-Fashioned Safe-Driving Practices Even In a New-Fashioned World

Today’s cars incorporate a range of active safety features that work together to help drivers avoid collisions and other traffic accidents. These may include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, rear-cross traffic alert and a host of other advanced safety systems. As such, many drivers assume a false sense of security. However, all drivers still need to employ safe-driving practices that are emphasized extensively in driver’s training courses As follows are essential minimal driver-safety suggestions for operators of both old and new cars.

Prep Your Car

Make certain your car is mechanically ready for the road. In particular, ensure the brakes are in good condition, and the tires are not worn irregularly or unevenly. Check front end alignment Fort Worth TX so that your car tracks straight and handles safely.

Buckle Up

Attach your seat belt properly before you head out. Since seat-belt use has been shown to reduce the number of serious crash deaths and injuries by 50%, nothing is more essential than taking this step; make certain your passengers are strapped in as well.

Prep Your Cockpit

Adjust your seat and steering wheels so that you are in a comfortable position and can reach the pedals easily. At the same time move as far back from your airbag as you can, since older ones can open with extreme force. Position your mirrors just past where you see the back of your car – most people angle them in too close, which does not provide sufficient view of the lanes next to you.

On the Road

Once underway, concentrate only on your driving. Look in your mirror and over your shoulder when changing lanes, and signal first. When merging onto the freeway, anticipate the speed of traffic and speed up or slow down to fit in. Drive at the speed limit, and reduce speed when approaching an intersection with a yellow light.

It pays to refresh your driving practices. You can download a driver’s manual for any state, so that when you hit the road you will arrive safely at your destination.

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