Does Your Ride Affect Your Child Support?

Going through a custody battle can be brutal. You may place your emphasis on the time you spend with your children while the other parent only seems concerned about the money. You have avoided going to court as long as possible because you are afraid that a judge may find ways to make you continue paying more. What factors affect the calculation of child support in Florida? Do your material possessions, like your car, have any bearing on how much you pay?

Basic Child Support Calculation Factors

Before proceeding, you may want to understand what goes into the state calculation of child support. A custody lawyer in hernando county, fl could give you some more specifics, but if you want a general idea, two things start the process. The first is the number of children you share in common with the other party. The second is the combined income of both parents. Once you calculate these, a basic monthly amount is generated. This amount is the total amount the state believes it takes to care for the children in a month.

Splitting the Difference

At the point the monthly basic support is calculated, you may start figuring out the split. Unless you and the other parent make the same amount, it is likely the court will not divide the amount in half. Instead, it will be a percentage based on the individual’s income. If you make 10% more than the other parent, the court gives you 10% more of the obligation.

Other Factors

Money is the basis, but other factors are used to create a more fair split of child support. Things like the number of overnights spent with the children, which parent pays the insurance premium and daycare expenses will get factored in. Remember, if you make 10% more in income, you will pay 10% more of everything.

Your personal expenses may only get factored in if you need to go to court. If you are worried about how the calculations will turn out, speak to a professional who can better assist you.

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