Car Modification Delhi – Turning Your Car Into A Dream Car

Car ModificationSome people are obsessed with their cars; they are always doing experiments with them either to enhance their external beauty by doing some body modifications or to enhance their performance by doing some mechanical modifications. Car modification Delhi can help you in bringing any kind of modification you want in your car to make it your dream car.

The experts at car modification Delhi can completely change the physical appearance of your car by replacing the complete body kit, like the front bumpers, the rear bumpers and the side skirts. They can even put in a new set of alloy rims in your car to make it more stylish and enhance its performance. Putting in a new stereo system, display units on all the seats, new leather seat covers, a security system, or a fancy exhaust pipe in your engine is a piece of cake for them. In order to give a complete new look to your car, they have a team of denters and painters to take car of all the minor dents and bumps in the body of your car, and hide them by putting a new paint. You will not be able to recognize your car, once it comes out their garage.

Car modification Delhi experts take every task very seriously and know the sentimental value of your car. They have a thorough knowledge about the best car interior accessories. This is the reason; they take your opinion in every step of modification to ensure that every thing is done as per your specifications. While doing any mechanical modifications in your car they make sure that your safety and security remains uncompromised in the name of modifications.

Next time you need a car modification, make sure to give us a call and get a quote from us. We will help you convert your car into a dream car.

Three Simple Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

LED bulbThere are some car repairs that you just can’t do on your own. No matter how much you want to, you just can’t expect to replace your transmission or do a major engine overhaul unless you have some experience and mechanical training under your belt. While you may need to take your car to the shop every now and then for some repairs, there are other repairs that you can do on your own without any special training or even any expensive tools.

Change Your Oil
It can take $20 or more to have a professional mechanic change the oil in your car. Mechanics often recommend that you change your oil every three months or after going 3,000 miles. If you check the manual for your car, you’ll likely find that you can actually go as many as 10,000 miles between oil changes. When you change your oil, you need to use a drainage or fuel pan underneath your car to hold the oil you drain out of the engine, and you’ll need to dispose of that oil properly. Make sure that you check the other fluids and add more as needed, including transmission fluid, windshield washer liquid and power steering fluid.

Replace Your Wipers
Some drivers think that windshield wipers last for years, but the dirt, rocks and other type of debris on your windshield can reduce the lifespan of those wipes. You can check with a replacement parts store for new wipers. After giving them the make and model of your car, they can check the system and find you the right wipers. Many people find that they can pop off the old wipers and slide on the new wipers in just a few minutes.

Change Light Bulbs
Your car has multiple light bulbs that it uses on both the inside and outside. Interior lights sit underneath a dome or in other areas to help you see clearly at night. Exterior lights let you see the road in front of you and let others see your car and see where you’re turning. Check your manual to determine if you need a 194 LED bulb or another type of light bulb. Some tail light covers and other covers pop right off, while others have screws holding the covers in place. You can easily remove the cover, unscrew the old light and screw your new bulb in the socket.

Expected features to have in horse truck

Most of the horse owners do not like to drive the trucks since they need to take care of their horses. They can hire the horse truck or horseboxes for hauling their horses to somewhere else. They can also hire the vehicle with a driver. Since horses are heavy and tall, people need to make the right decision in selecting the truck for towing their horses. Whether you are thinking to buy a horse truck or hire it, you should check out the features available for the horses. Some of the features that people need to expect in the horse truck are as follows. Protection and safety of the horse is very important. So, the truck with full stallion dividers can help in separating each horse. They stallions in the truck should have enough space for the horses to stand comfort. Second feature is rubber mat flooring in the truck. The floor of the trucks covered with quality shavings and matting can make sure of the comfort for the horses while travelling to a long distances.

horse truckThird feature is low loading ramps. The trucks they have selected for hauling their horses should come with an air bag suspension that can allow them to lower the horse truck for loading and unloading by enabling the ramp angle less steep for the horses. Next feature is facility to both mare and foal. The truck should accommodate for both mare and foals by offering extra space and protection by offering double bays. Another last feature is enough circulation of oxygen and light for the horses. The trailer must contain windows to provide light and fresh oxygen to the horses. When hiring the horse truck ask about the scheduled rest shops in order to water and hay overnight. They can make arrangements as per the dietary requirements of their horses.

How to maintain the cars and its importance

car brandsIn the automobile field, there are lots of technical improvements are creating huge impact in the industry. Compare to two wheelers, four wheelers are highly increased in all over the city especially car is one of the most wanted and essential vehicle in these days. Today youngsters are very big fan of certain car brands because the car style, color, model and features are easily attracts the cat lover. In certain cases, some portion of the people buys the latest model car instead of current one. Today’s car have more advanced features like front and rear cam, internet, high quality pick up, smoothness, disc brakes, Drum brakes etc these kinds of latest technology will attract the today’s younger generation very quickly. Emergency alarms, hydraulics suspension are giving more security to the cars. Latest engine are giving very smooth ride at the same time the travelers can enjoy the ride very joyfully.

In old car models, during the very hot summer season the engine will get high temperature in that time it will slow down the car. But now the engine cooling compressor will protect this problem and whenever the engine get very high temperature the compressor automatically turns on and give cool effect. Digital Speedo meter, latest gear box are giving more comfortable feel to the drivers. Each and every company has some specialty in their cars. Remote windows, remote door lock, alarm security etc are the special features for the latest car brands.  Buying car is very simple in recent days at the same time getting proper service, maintain the wheel alignment, change of gear and engine oil frequently etc these process will increase the mileage gradually. Almost all auto spares are now available in the market so the car owners can easily change the accessories at right time with affordable cost.

Understand the types of brakes in vehicle

Parts of carCars are being designed and introduced in the market with several advanced features. Before people went to choose the car they have to know some basics about parts of car. Brakes are one among the most essential safety features on the vehicle we use. Different types of braking system are used in both within a vehicle and between vehicles. The brakes that helps in stopping the vehicle while driving it are called as service brakes that may be either a drum or disc brake. We can find vehicles that are equipped with braking systems such as emergency brakes and antilock brakes. Disc brakes have a disc brake rotor attached with wheel and the caliper that holds disc brake pads. Drum brakes have a brake drum that is attached to the wheel, brake shoes, brake return springs and wheel cylinder. Hydraulic pressure from master cylinder make wheel cylinder to force down the brake shoes in opposition to brake drum. This makes a friction between the drum and shoes to stop or slow down the car.

Emergency brakes are also used in the vehicles as secondary braking system. This is the reason why it is called as parking or emergency brakes. This type of brakes is free of service brakes. Hydraulics could not power this type of brakes. These brakes use the cables to apply the brakes mechanically. There are few types in the emergency brakes such as a stick lever founded between passenger and driver seats and a pedal founded on the left side of floor pedals. Anti-lock brakes are computer controlled braking system that is a very essential safety feature equipped in the newer and advanced vehicles. Anti-lock breaking system or ABS prevents the car wheels from getting locked when brakes are suddenly applied by the driver.  This system works with service brakes and decrease the stopping distance and maximize the stability and control of the vehicle while hard braking.