The Future of Electric Motorcycles – Trends and Innovations

As trends and innovations emerge in an ever-evolving industry, keeping abreast of them can be challenging. This article will highlight several trends and innovations shaping the future of electric motorcycles.

From Harley-Davidson’s groundbreaking mass market cellular connected eMotorcycle to Can-Am’s comeback with three wheel scooter, motorcycle mobility is looking promising.

1. The Future of Battery Technology

As battery technology improves, so will the selection and price of electric motorcycles. Furthermore, more consumers will become accessible to this market.

Mobility-as-a-Service has presented motorcycle OEMs with opportunities to introduce electric vehicles for professional applications, like Swedish company CAKE with its series of commercial electric motorbikes known as the :work which can carry up to 500 kilograms in goods or passengers.

Attracting more people to electric bikes requires more than better batteries – it requires cultural shifts as well. So it’s essential that bikes remain innovative yet not too extreme; otherwise some might perceive your creation as odd. Kardesigns has imagined what a typical 2035 electric motorbike may look like; its features combine performance, practicality and good looks; scroll through this gallery to get an idea of its design!

2. The Future of Electric Powertrains

Not only are batteries and motor technology critical components for electric motorcycle success; other elements can play a part as well. The drivetrain of an e-bike can significantly impact its performance and range.

Cook cited one major obstacle in increasing sales of electric powersports as being their continued negative perception. When his customers told their friends they were purchasing an e-motorcycle, many received ridicule for not riding “a real bike”.

As more companies enter the market with different products, this could change. BSA recently relaunched with an electric bike model; perhaps an electric version may follow next time around?

3. The Future of Motorcycle Design

As manufacturers shift toward electric powertrains, their designs are being altered accordingly. Gone are the days of motorcycles featuring prominent sculpted body panels; now brands take different approaches when it comes to how they present their batteries.

Yamaha’s Motoroid and Curtiss Zeus concept bikes celebrate battery technology while Swedish boutique brand CAKE reinvents them into unadorned boxes to complement its rectilinear frame shapes. Even established brands with existing image issues are exploring ways to make their bikes more appealing to a wider audience.

Electric motorcycles provide many advantages over their internal combustion counterparts in terms of convenience and user friendliness, such as faster charging time and reduced maintenance needs. Plus, many offer multiple charging options from fast chargers to home charging capabilities – creating an exciting future for EVs!

4. The Future of Mobility

Becoming more people ride electric motorcycles will require adjustments in attitudes and habits. One approach could be city initiatives which promote cycling (wider pavements, pop-up bike lanes or dedicated public transit routes).

Policy changes will also have an effect. In China, air quality concerns accidentally created an e-mobility surge that’s projected to double by 2030; as a result, government-backed programs such as subsidies, tax incentives, and rebates will likely continue to support this form of transportation.

And finally, new consumer experiences can help. A motorcycle dealer in Savannah, GA claims that poor consumer education about electric products is partly responsible for slow adoption rates; but believes if consumers can experience an e-motorcycle firsthand they’ll be convinced. Mahindra revived mothballed British brand BSA this year with plans to focus exclusively on producing electric motorcycles.

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