How to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Car for SaleDeciding to sell your car can be an emotional decision, but there is too much to do to let yourself get bogged down in those emotions. It’s entirely possible to simply park your car out in front of your house and post a sign, but that will not net you the best return possible on your investment. To truly get what your car is worth, you should take the time to prepare your car for sale.

Gather All Records
Before you put your car up for sale, start gathering all of the maintenance and inspection records. It is okay if you do not have every single record, but gather as much as you can. Even if all you have is a piece of paper that tracks when each oil change occurred, that can go a long way. According to Forbes, buyers are far more willing to pay higher prices for vehicles that have paperwork and records to go along with them.

Visit a Mechanic
Your car needs a checkup before you can offer it up for sale. It’s possible that you already know some of the issues that the car has, but it’s a good idea to get as much information as you can. Even if you are not planning to fix all of the problems, buyers appreciate honesty from a seller. If you can give them a list of any mechanical issues, they can make an informed decision about whether this is the car for them.

Handle The Cosmetic Issues
Cosmetic issues are often a lot easier to correct than mechanical ones. Start by cleaning the car thoroughly, both inside and out. Once you have the car squeaky clean, it’s easier to see any issues that need fixing. Replace any bulbs that might be out and make sure that safety features such as seat belts are completely accessible. Give the car a good coat of wax when it is as clean as possible, and keep in mind that you need to keep the car very clean the entire time you have it up for sale.

Use All Available Markets
Sometimes it can take a while to sell a car. Don’t let that intimidate you or feel that you won’t get your car sold at all. Use all of the available markets to make sure that you reach out to as many potential buyers as possible. If time is of the essence and you haven’t seen the movement you were hoping to see, companies such as can help you by purchasing your car from you.

While preparing your car for sale, look at the vehicle the same way that a potential buyer would. Once you do, you will be able to see all the items that you need to correct before you can get top dollar for it. All of your hard work should pay off, and your car will be headed to a new owner before you know it.

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