Biggest Engines Ever Fitted Inside Cars

There are many aspects of a car that contribute to its quality. Of course, not all groups of people are interested in all of them in the same amount – some people are all about the design while others are concerned with the top speed. However, one factor that has been very popular ever since cars were invented is the size of the engine. Even though the performance of a vehicle is more heavily linked to how you use that engine instead of how big is it, there is something quite appealing about having a monster under the hood. For some people, bigger is simply better. That is why we will take a look at the biggest engines that were ever fitted into cars.

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1. Bugatti Veyron
The Veyron was first introduced as a concept car that most people highly doubted will ever go into production. However, the skeptics were proven wrong when the car was released with a massive engine touting 1000 horsepower. At the time, it was the fastest production car in the world and a newer model still holds the record to this day. In order to achieve this massive feat, the Veyron had a unique W engine layout made from two V8s, comprising an astonishing 8 liter 16 cylinder Quad Turbo engine.
2. Hennessey Venom
For a while, the Venom was a strong contender to overtake the Veyron as the fastest production car on the road. When it came out, it sure broke a few notable records and Hennessey went straight to work on improving their original design. The Venom 1000 was the epitome of their hard work. It had a massive 8 liter V10 engine that featured twin turbochargers, twin intercoolers, improved exhaust and catalysers and whatever else could be fitted so that the car would cope with the massive 1000 hp power of the engine.
3. Dodge Viper V10
Currently, this is the production car that boasts the biggest engine on the market. It has an 8.4 liter V10 engine which puts out a “meager” 640 hp, which is actually quite low compared to the other entries. However, the Viper is also extremely lightweight which means that it is powerful enough to compete with the best of them.
4. Fiat S76
So this is simply the biggest car engine ever built and this happened in 1911. Technically, there have been bigger engines fitted into cars, but these were airplane engines. The Fiat S76 featured a car engine built specifically for this vehicle. The engine was 28.3 liters and was capable of 300 horsepower, a massive achievement at the time. Only two were ever made: one went to a Russian prince and was eventually destroyed and the other one was kept by Fiat who also scrapped the car eventually (they kept the engine, though).
These are the kinds of engines that represent feats of human engineering, but far more than what the average person needs. Nowadays, factors such as fuel economy and safety are most important for the majority and they prefer to own something practical from Puente Hills Nissan. For a more sensible and practical choice, you can visit their website and see the extensive range of vehicles on display.

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