How to Unlock Your Car Without a Key

If you’ve ever left locked keys inside your vehicle, you know how embarrassing the situation feels. Getting locked out can look suspicious when you’re trying to pick the lock to reenter your car, whether you’re stuck at a parking lot or a busy intersection. You should try to stay cool and consider the options available to you.

Contact Roadside Assistance

You should first contact roadside assistance. Although assistance services are not usually covered in most auto insurance policies, several companies provide comprehensive coverage to deal with several roadside incidents. From engine repair to tire replacement, several companies can respond quickly to vehicle problems. You can contact a service and see if they will reimburse you for locksmith expenses. If your insurance covers roadside assistance, your plan likely includes a locked out service Ferguson MO. Owning a new car may also bring good luck. Most warranties include curbside services. Call an agent from a dealership if your warranty hasn’t expired yet and they will likely create a new spare key for you.

Try Unlocking Your Car

It is possible to unlock a car door without keys. There are several household items you can use to open the car door. Consider using a shoestring to pull up the lock by tightening a knot onto the door handle and slipping some string through the door. You can also try to use a coat hanger to unlock your car. The method is more tricky, since coat hanger wire have sharp edges that can cut open the skin. You’ll have to flatten the hanger wire and slide the wire into the door’s gap. Use a paint scraper beforehand to open the door slightly to provide space for the wire.

There are two ways you can unlock your car. You can try to unlock your car by using items you previously wouldn’t consider using. A more common, effective method is to contact a professional service. Although locked keys are a major inconvenience, several others also had this happen to them. The good news is that you can reenter your vehicle.

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