What to Do If Your Car Was Broken Into

Having your car broken into is a terrifying experience, and it can create feelings of vulnerability, anger, and fear. Though it is traumatic, it is also an experience that happens all too often each year. After you get over the shock, you need to follow a few steps to ensure the situation is handled appropriately.

Look at Your Surroundings

Before you go through your car, look around and make sure the perpetrators are not there. If you feel uncomfortable, leave the car and call for help. Most times, a burglar will take your things and leave, but always make sure.

Call the Police

You will want to file a report on the damage that was done and the valuables or items that are missing from the car. Look for phones, electronics, bags, or other items that may have been left in the car. Even though it may be hard to investigate the break-in, the reporting helps file your insurance claims as well as track local crime trends.

Avoid Identity Theft

If your wallet or purse or phone is missing, call the different institutions where your ID could be stolen. Phone the banks and credit card companies, notifying them of the theft and asking for replacement cards.

Call the Insurance Company

Your auto insurance policy should include theft coverage, which can help with any repairs that may need to be made. For instance, if the front or side window was broken, your policy may reimburse your expenses when hiring same day auto glass repair St. Louis services. If there were valuables that were taken from the vehicle, replacement costs may be reimbursed as well. You can also check with your homeowners or renters policy about coverage for the theft.

Going forward, you should take some steps to reduce your risk of a break-in again. Always lock your door, and park in a well-lit, open area. Never leave valuable in your car, or at the very least, leave them out of sights.

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