Compact cars are the smart choice

If you are looking to buy a car, you should definitely think of buying a compact as it has everything you need in a car including looks, economy of fuel, enough space for passengers and cargo and handling like butter on toast. As the name suggests, this car is a compact version of all the class of cars combining the features of all and making a car for the daily use. The demand for compact cars is on a rise in the market as more people are shying away from the fuel burning pickups and huge SUVs. Compact cars are the new flavor in town and given below are the top compact cars of 2013.

Mazda Mazda3

This is the top ranked compact car for its superb handling, high performance and driver comfort. It is every competitor’s nightmare because it is absolutely perfect and hard to displace from its ranking. It comes with a four cylinder engine that produces 148hp, or if you want more power, the upgraded model can produce 263 horsepower. It gives an average fuel efficiency of 28 mpg in city and 40 mpg on highways. It offers an option between automatic or manual transmission.

Ford Focus

The high ranking of Ford Focus is due to its unbeatable fuel economy and huge cargo space in its segment. The base model of this car gives a fuel efficiency of 27 mpg in city and 38 mpg on highways on automatic transmission. It has a high powered 2 liter four cylinder engine to give the car a good performance. The lean body of Focus makes handling of the car a cakewalk.

Chevrolet Cruze

This car is fast, smooth and has swag of its own. The high performance and superb handling of the car make it a preferred car in this segment. Its fuel economy is a downer with only 22 mpg in city and 35 mpg on highways, the eco version of the car can go upto 45 mpg on highway. It offers an option between automatic or manual transmission. It has the best crash test scores of all the cars in this segment, making it the safest compact car available in the market.

The trend of compact cars is growing like crazy and if you are also looking to buy a compact car, you should visit, a great place to buy compact cars and be might just find a deal suited for your needs.

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