Different Automotive Parts and Accessories and Their Uses

One of the best advantages having a car offers is total comfort. Apart from that, there is a different sense of security knowing that you’re the one, or at least someone you personally know, who is taking yourself to your destination. Nevertheless, there is more to owning your own car than just learning and mastering how to drive properly. It is also essential to know the basic automotive parts and accessories and their uses before buying one. Listed below are vital parts of an automobile that one must know:


• Engine – The main reason why the car accelerates from zero to 60 in mere seconds is the engine. Majority of cars today are built with an internal engine, where it uses gasoline fuel. The purpose of an engine is to convert the fuel into motion so that the car can accelerate.


• The Electrical System – A rechargeable battery that gets its power from the engine, which normally work as a generator, operates it. Mainly, the battery is the source of the electrical system. This is what the car utilizes to start the initial motion of the engine and car fuel pumps and starters. The usual electrical systems found inside the car are composed of radio, turn signals, dashboard gauges, head light power and safety sensors.


• Dashboard –The purpose of the dashboard is to keep drivers aware of the fuel gauge, how the engine works, temperature gauge, signal oil leakage, and the total acceleration speed of the car. Dashboard checking aids in quickly diagnosing whether the car is fit to function or needs to be repaired or conduct automotive maintenance.


• Accessories – These are add-ons intended to enhance the look of your vehicle and add protection to it. There are accessories for the shift gear that makes handling the gear easier. You can buy a cover for the steering wheel to decrease friction. You can buy carpets and floor mats such as BMW X5 floor mats to keep the flooring clean and protected. Most of these accessories may be bought from the dealership or any automotive store.


• Drive Shaft – It is a series of automotive parts that are connected to the wheels of the car that can increase the speed, forward motion, and backward motion. The drive shaft is connected to the engine through the transmission. Technically speaking, both automatic and manual car transmission performs the same. In addition, the pedal gains acceleration powers from the drive shaft to the wheels shortly.


• Brakes System – The brake can slow down or totally stop the car from accelerating. There are two types of brakes – the foot brake and the hand brake. In addition, there are two kinds of brakes – the   disc brake and the drum brakes. Disc brakes utilize a spinning disc that squeezes between the brake pads attached to calipers to decrease the speed of the car. While drum brakes are using shoes that allow pushing externally to make contact inside of the spinning cylinder.


Remember, familiarizing yourself with these parts and accessories are important if you really want to master the art of driving. After all, there’s more to driving than just flashing your hot wheels.




Connor Montgomery is a freelance writer and part-time car salesman for one of the leading car dealerships in Atlanta.

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