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In the history of motorbikes, honda bikes hold a very important position. In present day times, they are the leading brand of not only motorbikes but also other recreational vehicles, such as four wheelers, as well.

The founder of the Honda company was Soichiro Honda who had a fascination with speed. It only stands to reason that the thought of a small, powerful engine that could attain very fast speeds would appeal to him. A fact not known by many is the fact that motorbikes were actually invented because of the need for transportation that people could afford to pay for after the second World War.

Mr. Honda produced his first motorcycle in 1949. Because of the awe surrounding his creation, the motorbike was called The Dream and also referred to as Model D. He produced several other models of motorbikes over the next few years while he was also taking part in different motorbike races.

Honda bikes continued to build popularity for their speed, good looks, reliability and economical pricing. The Honda company began selling their bikes in the United States in the 1960s. Their best year of production was 1982 when they produced a record number of motor bikes, near three million.

Another important happening for Honda bikes occurred in the same year; Honda Racing Corporation was born. This means they began to gear the production of some of their motorbikes specifically for the racing circuit which was a delight to many of those who already loved Honda bikes.

Today, Honda bikes are still very popular and loved by many. They have a rich history to offer, a solid reputation for being dependable and all of the other qualities that have always drawn people to this company. Honda has a bright future ahead in the field of motorbikes.

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