Three Ways to Lower Your Auto Expenses

In most parts of the country, people use cars to get around. If you’re like many others, your automobile is one of your most expensive possessions. The average price of a passenger vehicle last year was over $35,000. Fuel expenses, insurance premiums and routine maintenance contribute to the cost of ownership. Consider these three simple ways to lower your auto expenses.

Saving on Gas

Gas prices fluctuate regularly, but you can reduce fuel expenses with small changes. Rapid acceleration decreases the efficiency of your car. Driving moderately under the speed limit may lower fuel consumption up to 30%.  While you should look for the most affordable gas, it doesn’t make sense to drive across town just for cheap fuel. Also, consider taking the most efficient routes when commuting. These small changes can yield significant savings.

Review Your Insurance

Shopping for better insurance rates is a great way to save money.  The insurance market is very competitive, so you should review your coverage annually and look for better rates. Check your policy to ensure that you’re getting every available discount. Also, make sure that your car is not over insured.  Depending on your automobile’s condition, you may have too much insurance coverage. Increasing your deductible also lowers your premium. Talk to a provider of auto insurance in Glendale AZ to find reasonable ways to decrease your insurance costs.

Sensible Car Maintenance

While routine maintenance can save you from costly repairs over a vehicle’s lifetime, be sure not to over maintain your car. Most vehicles can go without an oil change for longer distances and time periods than what was commonly recommended. If you’re able, consider doing simple repairs yourself. Additionally, you should shop around for a reputable, independent mechanic who won’t recommend unnecessary repairs.

Vehicles are generally expensive to buy or lease. The price of ownership increases further given the costs associated with fuel, insurance and maintenance. Making small changes in each of these aspects can result in substantial savings.

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