2 Most Common Garage Door Problems

Garage door openers make our lives easier. Instead of having to stop, exit the vehicle, open the garage door, get back in, and then drive forward, a garage door opener eliminates many of those tedious steps. However, sometimes that technology doesn’t work correctly. Here are a few common garage door problems that you may encounter.

Safety Features

Garage door openers come with many safety features to prevent accidents. Triggering these safety features may be a reason that the door does not open or close correctly.

Door Won’t Open

You should first check the battery on your garage door remote. If a new battery doesn’t help, then the signal to the remote may have become corrupted. To fix this, you will need to pair the remote opener with the base. Most of the time, this is as easy as pressing the button on the back of the garage mounted systems and then clicking the remote. However, you should check your manual for the proper way re-connect them. You may also want to check the springs that raise and lower the door and the track of the door to ensure they are in good working order as well. A reputable garage door sales Denton TX will be able to assist with problems.

Door Won’t Close

The most common reason for the door not closing is that the eyes are out of alignment or there is something blocking the beam. Whenever the path of the beam is broken, the garage door will not close. The eyes at the base of the door often have lights that indicate whether the beam is connected or broken. If aligning the eyes or removing an object in the path does not work, you may need additional help. It might be possible that the motor in the main ceiling-mounted base has gone bad.

Fortunately, garage doors openers have a manual release that allows the garage door to open and close if the electricity should go out or in the event of other malfunctions. You can use this until you figure out what’s troubling the system.

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