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Some people consider signing up for a motorcycle riding course as a big step. Therefore, you may have concerns about how to prepare for this type of training. You should take some steps to prepare before taking the class. First, review the course list so that you can find courses that fit your needs. There are various types of motorcycle licenses which are designated by the age of the rider. For instance, a seventeen-year-old can apply for A1 (Light license) training. However, a nineteen-year-old can sign up for A2 (Restricted License) training.

If you want access to a license for riding unrestricted, you have to be twenty-four years old or older and have to sign-up for the A3 license course. With this training, you can operate the motorcycle at your desired speed. Also, you have to take a written exam before doing the practical exam. These tests are expensive and have been designed to evaluate how you ride the cycle. Finally, you have to take some items to the training sessions, including writing materials, and a motorcycle handbook. If you desire to have quality training in motorcycle riding, then consider London Motorcycle Training. They offer affordable sessions and polite and professional instructors.

London Motorcycle Training Packages

The London Motorcycle Training team offers these packages, which include riding gear, bike hire, fuel, VAT, and insurance:

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

All motorcycle riders should undergo CBT training, which costs between £99-£129. To be eligible to sign-up for the training, you should either have your United Kingdom driver’s license or European Union driver’s license.

Motorcycle Theory Exam

Once you can master the basics of motorcycle riding, then you have to take the Motorcycle Theory Exam.

Practical Training

Once you have completed the CBT and the Motorcycle Theory Exam, you are eligible to enroll in the practical riding sessions, which cost £175 per day. You can go for two days. At that time, you can select one of the A1, A2, and A3 licenses.

Module 1 Test

If you desire detailed training, choose the Module 1 test, which costs £15.

Module 2 Test

The Module 2 test costs £75. For both modules, you may hire a bike for £125.

If you are interested in safe motorcycle training in the United Kingdom, please visit to sign up for courses on motorcycle riding. The team is happy to assist you with learning motorcycle riding and will work to ensure that you attain your professional license.

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