5 Strange Truck Loads You Didn’t Know Existed

The U.S. economy depends heavily on semi-trucks hauling goods across the country and from state to state. These goods can range from food to beer to manufacturing parts, and each load plays a vital role in stocking store shelves in large and local businesses. Not every load is so serious, though. Sometimes local loads for trucks involve wacky, unusual products waiting to be delivered. Here are some things you wouldn’t expect to be hiding in a semi.

Shopping Carts

One trucker reported having to move an entire truckload of shopping carts from Oklahoma all the way to Washington. The best part? They were already used. Sometimes truckers don’t move new inventory, but relocate old things between company stores.


From knickknacks to souvenirs, those novelties have to get to gift shops and candy stores around the country somehow. Imagine transporting an entire semi full of fake party mustaches, stuffed animals or joke supplies. It might put a bounce in your step to haul something so fun.

Hot Sauce

From mild to blow-your-socks-off spicy, all that amazing hot sauce in New Orleans has to come from somewhere. Truckloads of this awesome sauce multiply in March when Mardi Gras rolls around and the party is in full swing.

Sound Equipment

All the sound, lighting and stage equipment for your favorite concert might not come from just around the corner. Some of it is hauled cross-country from one event to the next, and truckers can occasionally catch the show they’ve helped set up.

The Whole Bowling Alley

Sometimes you just have to move it all at once. Truckers have not only taken the bowling balls and pins, but the entire lanes, ball returns and scoring tables to new locations in different cities and even states. Hopefully, they got the chance to play in the bowling alley once everything was set up.

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