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An overlooked part of vehicle maintenance is tire rotation. It seems like a minor procedure without much point, and it’s easy to forget about it. Here are a few important reasons for annual tire rotation, and some other small maintenance chores you can get out of the way at the same time.

Tire rotation is the moving of your tires to a different axle, either from front to back or on a diagonal. The purpose is to reduce the amount of wear. Front tires wear out faster because they’re the first point of contact with the road; the wear tends to be on the outside edge of the tire due to leaning during turns. Exchanging them with the rear tires extends the life of the tire. Regular tire rotation also results in a more even, safer drive.

During tire rotation, the mechanic will usually put your vehicle on a lift. Aside from swapping tire position, they should also check your air pressure and brakes. Tires can also wear unevenly due to bad alignment or if they’re unbalanced. These things should also be checked during tire rotation. You should have your tires rotated at least once a year, more often if you do a lot of driving or you regularly drive over rough terrain or on bad roads. A good time to schedule a tire rotation is when you have your regular oil change.

Pennsylvania tire rotation services can be found at auto service centers throughout the state. Call your local car care expert for specific information about what services they offer.

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