What You Need To Know About Purchasing Used Vehicles

There are several ways that one can go about purchasing a used vehicle. Another common term that is used to refer to these vehicles is secondhand vehicles is preowned

vehicles. One can opt to purchase their preowned vehicle from a private seller or from used a car dealer like Carzoos. There are benefits to purchasing one’s car from either source and one must carefully weigh the pros and cons of their purchasing options before committing to a transaction.

Though it may cost one less to purchase their car from a private seller, one will have to ensure that they have confidence in the honesty of the seller with respect to the vehicles past history. Working through a used car dealer may raise some similar concerns however it is likely that there will be a few more protections afforded to individuals who decided to go in this direction.

Car manufacturers are increasingly getting into the business of selling preowned vehicles through  certified preowned vehicle programs. The premise behind this new trend is founded upon the idea that that the vehicle has been put through rigorous testing and the appropriate repairs have been made in order to allow for a guarantee based on a higher standard.

There are certain requirements of a vehicle before it can be eligible for these programs. One of these is the age of the car.  The car has to be within a limited age range. Generally vehicles cannot qualify for these programs unless they are under six years old. Additionally there are mileage requirements that the vehicle has to meet in most CPO programs.

These programs subject vehicle to what are referred to as multi point inspections. The inspections are specific to the particular brand of vehicle and the details related to the results of these inspections are made available to prospective buyers for use in their purchasing decisions.

There are a number of benefits that can be realised from participating in one of these programs. The guarantees that come along with these programs offer buyers some additional peace of mind. Some of these guarantees are related to the warranty that is offered with the vehicles. In some cases the warranty may be an extension of the existing warranty whereas in others it may start from the date of purchase.  Understanding these differences can be important during the purchase of one of these vehicles.

Different manufacturers have their own approved CPO programs. The GM CPO program has a six-year or 100,000 mile warranty offered with their vehicles.  In addition to this, the program offers a vehicle report through Carfax. There are added benefits to this program that include roadside assistance as well as trial offers of their proprietary  Onstar software and limited subscriptions to XM radio.

As with any other certified preowned vehicle program the GM program requires that the vehicle meet certain mileage guidelines. In the case of GM’s CPO program the vehicle has to be under four years old and not exceed 50,000 miles. An added requirements with the GM CPO program is that the vehicle must still be under warranty.

When purchasing a used vehicle one will need to ensure that they have conducted the appropriate research into the vehicle they intend to purchase. There is an abundance of avenues through which this research can be done and it and it will serve the prospective buyer well to make good use of reliable resources to educate themselves on their potential purchase.

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