What are the best mobility cars to buy?

The fact that an individual or a family has specialized needs in terms of mobility or any other type of disability should not limit them in terms of a vehicle that still performs well and looks good. There are plenty of vehicles being manufactured that have successfully combined space, utility, and performance in a way that proves there are mobility vehicles that drive on the cutting edge. The following examples will open your eyes to the possibilities when it comes to specialized need in addition to a need for optimized performance.

Fiat 500

This compact mobility car available at Versa takes the idea of optimizing space to heart, packing in the potential for five passengers while keeping all the boot room intact. In addition to making outstanding choices on the interior, the bonnet covers some considerable performance points as well. At the entry level, this Fiat comes with a 1.4, petrol-based engine that gives drivers 105 bhp with which to work. The Twin-Air engine takes advantage of two cylinders for a combined 0.9 litres. Despite the fact that you are working with as much passenger and storage space as possible, you can still move from zero to 62 in under 13 seconds. In the heart of the vehicle, the features are generous. Fully-adjustable seating can be covered in complete leather while 16-inch alloy wheels compliment the body panel inserts that are all chrome. The panoramic glass-ceiling roofing allows for the full illumination of the 400 litres of storage space that lets you put your equipment safely at your disposal.

Kia Pro Cee’d

Kia makes a surprising contribution to the range of full-mobility cars at Bristol Street Versa available in the market with this 3-door beauty. It has many advantages for specialized needs that are not immediately apparent. Unlike the models that came before it, this Kia sits 40 mm lower to the ground, making passenger access much easier. It also forms a considerable impression for itself based on the exterior styling alone. An extended nose and wrap-around grill give it a unique look while its massive linear qualities give it a dynamic visual feel. In addition to providing space that one might think they could find only in a hatchback, the Pro Cee’d still manages to get 46 mpg.

Audi Q3

Even the SUV comes in a model that is fully economized and driven towards mobility. This is the smallest of SUVs produced by Audi. Available in both two and four-wheel drive, the Q3 derives its names from its Quattro drive that can be equipped to be fully automatic. In terms of pricing for a standard SUV, this vehicle offers extraordinary value. It undercuts its competitors such as the BMW X1 or the Ford Kuga while still offering all the space and features that buyers are searching for.

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