How to Stay Stylish While Roughing it on a Camping Trip

InfinitiOM-3-1Camping doesn’t have to just mean getting dirty and covering yourself in bug spray. With these great camping accessories, you can go roughing it while staying looking good.

When you get to your camping spot, you will do the normal set up of your tent and dining canopy. Luckily there are many battery powered or solar lights that you can use to decorate your camp site while providing light to help you move around. Your local hardware store will sell solar powered lights that can go right in the ground every couple of feet. No wires and no mess, these lights will make your campsite look great. With battery operated candles, you can avoid a fire risk while decorating your picnic table and creating a warm spot for eating dinner. Available now are even LED lanterns, that allow you to have brighter light without a flame.

Don’t forget to bring a little entertainment with you while you are camping. With a battery operated iPhone dock or Bluetooth speaker, you can play music right from your phone. If you are going to an area where there isn’t a great signal, be sure to download some camping music while you are still home. Get a speaker with regular batteries to be sure that you have continuous music. Don’t forget a car charger so you can charge your phone when the batteries are going low. With some music, you will really be able to set the mood when you go camping.


Finally, going camping doesn’t mean that you have to have a muddy pick-up truck for off-roading. With the Infiniti QX 80 AWD, available at Tustin Infiniti, you can have luxury features, even when you are off the beaten path. This powerful V8 engine not only brings you where you need to go, but can also tow a small camper so you don’t have to sleep on the ground. With a leather interior and every conceivable feature, you will be travelling to your campsite in style. For more about the Infiniti QX 80 AWD, take a look at

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