Tips for Planning a Road Trip

Enjoying a road trip is all about excellent preparation. Although you cannot anticipate every eventuality on the road, there are some problems you can avoid by taking a few precautions.

Plan for Trouble

Hopefully, your trip will be incident-free, but it’s always best to plan for trouble. Make sure you have jumper cables and that your spare tire has air in it. Double-check that you have the necessary tools and the know-how to change a tire and jump a battery. You will most likely be able to call roadside assistance Tucker GA if you need help, but it’s best to be prepared just in case you can’t.

Pack Your Bags

It’s very important to bring a few extras along on a long car trip. A first aid kit is a must. Be sure to include over-the-counter painkillers, antacids and something for allergic reactions. Obviously, if you are really injured, you’ll need to find an emergency room, but minor aches and pains can be dealt with on the go. Keep some wet wipes, paper towels and an old towel handy. Nobody ever means to spill their milkshake in the car, but it does happen. The quicker you can get spills cleaned up, the less likely it is that you’ll have to smell whatever it is you spilled for hundreds of miles.

Hide and Seek

There are a few items that you should hide in or under your car for emergencies. Keep a small magnetic key box under your bumper or in your wheel well because getting locked out of the car can ruin a trip. Hide $50-100 in small bills under the seat or in the trunk. You never know when you’re going to need gas in the middle of nowhere at a “cash only” gas station. Stash a new gallon jug of water in the trunk. It can be used for all sorts of emergencies. Finally, keep a list of important phone numbers just in case you lose your phone.

Road trips are fun. Take the sting out of things that ruin road trips by planning ahead.

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