How Weather Can Affect Your Open Lot Car Dealership

Car DealershipAn open lot works a lot like window shopping. It allows a wide space where anyone can see the vehicles and be inspired to make a purchase. However, owning an open lot isn’t without its dangers. One of the most prominent problems is that of weather patterns. Regardless of the season, weather can be very destructive to an open lot car dealership.

Hail Damage
Depending on the location of your car dealership, hail damage can be very expensive to your inventory. Chunks of ice traveling at a high velocity can pelt and damage the body of any vehicle out in the open. As many of these storms can develop with very little warning, there may not be much you can do but sit back and watch the dealership get bombarded by white balls from the sky.

Extreme Wind
Wind in itself may not be all that damaging to outside vehicles. However, the debris that is blown with the air current can be very destructive. While tornadoes and hurricanes are among some of the most dangerous of winds known to man, it doesn’t take much of a gust to blow sticks and pebbles into a newly painted automobile. Even the slightest of breezes can present a problem if the right object is within the blast of air.

One way to protect the business from the financial fallout of weather damage is to have dealers open lot insurance. Weather patterns can change rapidly and prove to be costly when you assess the damage from the aftermath. You don’t have to pay out of the company’s pocket when hail shatters every window in the lot.

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