7 Awesome Accessories for Your UTV

So you’ve just purchased your very own utility vehicle. You aren’t going to take it out looking like that, right? Here are seven upgrades, modifications and re-adjustments that will turn your naked UTV into a dazzling expression of bling.

1: LED Bars
Illuminate the darkness during your next night race with a set of LED light bars and reflectors. Not only will they give you an edge among your competitors, but they’ll also make your UTV look like a monster truck about to devour its prey.

2: Windshields
If you’re trying to make your UTV street legal, a polycarbonate, DOT-approved windshield is a good start. Look for something waterproof and scratch-resistant if you also want to keep your eyes clear through brooks or sand dunes.

3: Cab Heaters
Don’t let a few inches of white stuff stop you from enjoying a day in your UTV. While a cab heater can’t do anything about the open air biting your cheeks, it will keep the rest of your body warm and thrumming with life as you take your vehicle skidding across snowy plains.

4: Headache Bars
Want the support of a roof without the inconvenience of an overheard clamp system? Headache bars are a happy medium, a platform you can add to your cage without sacrificing the integrity of the vehicle as a whole. They’re also great for first-time riders who appreciate a little extra security as they pop their UTV cherries.

5: Bumpers
Standard UTV bumpers are a joke. As soon as you’re able, upgrade to something with thicker protection, more mounting points and an abundance of billet-end caps. You’ll definitely feel the difference the next time you crash.

6: Track Systems
Designed for snow and ice, track systems will also keep you moving through mud, swamps and even animal entrails. Never again worry about clogging your wheels during a hunt or landslide, not with a track system chugging away underneath your engine.

7: Audio System
Blast a little AC/DC the next time you go off-roading in your UTV. All you need are a few auxiliary cables and a slam-latch covering to protect the system’s electronics as you go speeding through the desert at 50mph.

These are just a few ways to trick out your newest ride. Visit your local powersports store for more, or accessorize your UTV at SideBySideStuff.com. The possibilities are only as endless as your guts.

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