3 Things Every Aircraft Hangar Should Have

To the layman, an airplane hangar is a really big garage used to park a plane, but in reality, there is so much more to these steel framed structures. When building an aircraft hangar, there are a few things you’ll want to be sure to include in your plans. Though the framework will do its part to protect your airplane from the elements, these important features will protect your investment while inside of the structure.

1. Maintenance Space

When you think about aircraft hangars Clarksville VA has plenty to consider, but one of the things nearly all have in common is adequate maintenance space. You will want to be sure that you have enough room for any necessary tools, parts, and materials that you need to have on hand to maintain your aircraft. If your plane is taking up all of the space in your building, you simply cannot perform the tasks you need to do while safely under cover.

2. HVAC and Fire Control

An HVAC system, a fire protection system, and draft curtains will work together to not only control the temperature and humidity in the hangar, but will also protect from fire and smoke damage. These systems must complement each other and keep damage from spreading in the event of an outbreak of fire, but also work to avoid issues caused by the heat of the engines when confined in the structure.

3. Security Features

Protecting your hangar from break-ins is also very important when designing the building. Be sure to include a security system with alarms, as well as sturdy locks on any exterior doors. This will help you to avoid any unauthorized use of your aircraft and make you aware if someone has entered the building and potentially tampered with your plane.

Though not every aircraft hangar will look alike, having these basic features in place will make your structure more effective and help you to take the best possible care of your investment.

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