Common Transmission Problems and How To Spot Them

Transmissions can be costly to repair—sometimes repairing them can cost more than an older car is worth. This makes it incredibly important to be aware of any warning signs your car might be giving you. Here are some common transmission issues and how to spot them.

Dirty or Low Transmission Fluid

If you smell burning transmission fluid while driving your car, the transmission is likely overheating due to dirty or low levels of transmission fluid. Unlike oil, the levels of transmission fluid in your car should not diminish over time, so low levels likely mean a leak. If you catch it early, a leak can be a simple and relatively inexpensive transmission repair Lynnwood. Adding transmission fluid on your own, however, isn’t recommended, as it’s an involved process and adding too much fluid can cause even bigger problems for your car.

Worn Needle Bearings or Clutch

On automatic cars, the needle bearings keep the torque converter from grinding by reducing friction. If they’re worn or damaged they can cause overheating, grinding or revving sounds, transmission slipping or shuddering when the car is moving at higher speeds. A manual transmission’s clutch facilitates the movement of the drive shaft’s parts. A worn clutch can result in resistance and grinding sounds when shifting, delayed or struggling acceleration, and a spongy clutch.

Bad Transmission Pump

The transmission pump is a very important part, pumping transmission fluid through the transmission and allowing it to function. Like many other transmission issues, signs include strange noises, a burning smell since a failing pump may not be getting enough fluid to the entire transmission, and harsh shifting.

While it might be tempting to brush off warning signs like the occasional shudder, slipping gear or grinding sounds, doing so can cause a smaller problem to turn into a large one. This can mean costing yourself thousands of dollars or even totaling your car entirely. Getting these issues checked out early is the best way to save yourself money and ensure your car lasts for years to come.

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