3 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Car Battery

A dead car battery is a frustrating experience. Groceries could be stuck in the car as you wait for assistance. Plans may be missed as your sitting in the parking lot. The situation is a stand still, leading to possible tows or emergency maintenance. To avoid the aggravation of sudden changes in plan or last minute repairs, it’s best to understand the early warning signs of battery trouble. People should look for the following three things. If they appear, locate a place that specializes in batteries Winter Garden FL. The professionals may check on your battery and offer a replacement, saving time and grief.

The Ignition Is Slow

When you turn the key to a car, the engine starts up. At this time, you’re likely to hear a crank or rev. Notice if anything is different with the sound. Loss of power usually causes this noise to slow down or diminish. Waiting too long could mean it won’t turn at all. As soon as it begins to fade, bring it in for inspection.

The Dashboard Isn’t Working Right

Power controls the radio and the lights on the dashboard. Think about how each is running. If the radio won’t play music then there is an issue. In addition, fading light or failing windshield wipers mean that electrical currents are not strong enough.

The Battery Smells or Is Corroded

Occasionally, look under the hood. Sensory checks can be used to see if it’s getting time to change out the automotive battery. Usually, the device can last for about four to six years. Leaving lights on too long or driving more than the typical person could force for earlier intervention. Locate the unit. It shouldn’t smell. If it has an unpleasant odor, a problem exists. The part is emitting gas. In addition, build up or rust is a problem, possibly showing decay or oxidation.

Be proactive in your vehicle’s maintenance. Simply being aware of battery issues could save you from experiencing the hassle of a dead engine.

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