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Common Transmission Problems and How To Spot Them

Transmissions can be costly to repair—sometimes repairing them can cost more than an older car is worth. This makes it incredibly important to be aware of any warning signs your car might be giving you. Here are some common transmission issues and how to spot them.

Dirty or Low Transmission Fluid

If you smell burning transmission fluid while driving your car, the transmission is likely overheating due to dirty or low levels of transmission fluid. Unlike oil, the levels of transmission fluid in your car should not diminish over time, so low levels likely mean a leak. If you catch it early, a leak can be a simple and relatively inexpensive transmission repair Lynnwood. Adding transmission fluid on your own, however, isn’t recommended, as it’s an involved process and adding too much fluid can cause even bigger problems for your car.

Worn Needle Bearings or Clutch

On automatic cars, the needle bearings keep the torque converter from grinding by reducing friction. If they’re worn or damaged they can cause overheating, grinding or revving sounds, transmission slipping or shuddering when the car is moving at higher speeds. A manual transmission’s clutch facilitates the movement of the drive shaft’s parts. A worn clutch can result in resistance and grinding sounds when shifting, delayed or struggling acceleration, and a spongy clutch.

Bad Transmission Pump

The transmission pump is a very important part, pumping transmission fluid through the transmission and allowing it to function. Like many other transmission issues, signs include strange noises, a burning smell since a failing pump may not be getting enough fluid to the entire transmission, and harsh shifting.

While it might be tempting to brush off warning signs like the occasional shudder, slipping gear or grinding sounds, doing so can cause a smaller problem to turn into a large one. This can mean costing yourself thousands of dollars or even totaling your car entirely. Getting these issues checked out early is the best way to save yourself money and ensure your car lasts for years to come.

Subaru Repair Issues

The Subaru has become an extremely popular automobile make, particularly in the Atlantic Northeast, the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain states. They’re highly prized for their All-Wheel Drive systems, their fuel efficiency and their safety. If you’re a Colorado Subaru owner, and you want to make sure your car continues to function optimally, regular maintenance services and the occasional Subaru repair in Denver will be necessary.

Common Subaru IssuesNo wonder so many motorists love their Subarus: These cars are rugged, durable and dependable. From time to time, though, something may go wrong. Here are a few of the most common repair issues you may encounter if you own a Subaru:

• Joint issues: Because Subarus are engineered to be driven hard, they may develop joint issues, particularly joint issues that affect the front axle. If you begin to notice a clunking sound when you turn your steering wheel, bring your vehicle in for service as soon as you can. That clunking sound is an indication that your Subaru is handling differently, and that may affect its safety on the road.

CV joints on a Subaru can also be especially vulnerable. Subarus tend to be massive cars, and CV joints help transfer the transmission torque to the drive wheels so that the car will remain stable when it turns. If you start to hear a clicking noise when you turn, schedule an appointment with your mechanic as soon as possible.

• Air conditioning system: Broken A/C system O-rings are a common repair for Subaru owners. O-rings are inexpensive parts, and the fix itself is relatively easy. If you don’t attend to that repair right away, though, you run the risk of a refrigerant leak. Leaking refrigerant fluid can cause your A/C compressor to fail, and if that happens, you may need to replace your car’s entire A/C system. That can be a very expensive proposition.

• Oil: Subarus that were manufactured in 2013 and 2014 may consume more oil than other models. The company compensated for this issue by offering affected customers extended warranties, and the issue seems to have been resolved in newer models. Still, oil consumption may be something you want to keep an eye upon.

Get Your Suspension Work Done The Right Way

Living in Colorado is beautiful, but there are many rough roads in Colorado that can put some wear and tear on your vehicle. One of the worst parts about this wear and tear is that it negatively affects the suspension within a vehicle. However, there are a few different ways people can get their suspension fixed.

Talk To Your Family

The first thing people can do is talk to their family about their vehicle suspension problem. Family members may know the perfect mechanic to call in this situation. However, it may be best to speak with as many family members as possible because they may all prefer one mechanic over another.

Go Back To The Beginning

The next thing people can do is go to the dealership where the car was purchased. There may be some sort of insurance plan that covers your vehicle while you still have a loan.

Go Search Yourself

The next thing you can do is search for great mechanics in your area. The quickest way to do this would be to use the internet, but you cannot choose just any mechanic. You must choose a mechanic who is known in the area and has many positive reviews online. An example of this type of mechanic company is Jewell Collision. This company is known for producing the finest suspension work Lakewood CO could ever offer to the community. The employees of this shop have over 15 years of experience, and every employee is certified by the state to work on any vehicle that is on the road.

Suspension work is something that needs to be fixed right away. If it is not fixed, there is a chance the entire car will get damaged and possibly stop working without notice. Furthermore, a suspension problem can also cause the car to swerve back and forth while on the road. Not only is this bad for the vehicle, but it makes the car a danger to the entire community.

Deciding Where to Get Your Car Fixed

A problem with your car can happen at any time for a wide variety of reasons. These problems often have a way of happening at the most inconvenient times. This is especially the case if your car is your only means of transportation. This is why it is so important for you to have a great auto repair shop to take your car to when it is not running efficiently. Who do your entrust with repairing your car? This is a very important question. Not all auto mechanics are the same. If you don’t want to go behind a mechanic to fix the issue with your car, you can try car leasing from Here are a few of the ways you can track down a reputable shop that will repair your car correctly.

1. The Better Business Bureau will have a comprehensive list of auto repair shops in your area.

You can trust the BBB to give you the best and most reliable info where auto mechanics are concerned. They take a great deal of data into consideration before they give one of their ratings to an auto mechanic. Therefore, you can be rest assured that there was a very legitimate reason they gave that particular rating to a mechanic. You should only trust a mechanic with an A+ rating to work on your car. These mechanics have proven over a long period of time that they are at the top of their profession.

2. Talk to people you trust about where they take their vehicles to have them repaired.

Your friends and the members of your family might be able to refer you to a good place to get brake repair Addison TX. Getting auto mechanic references from people who are close to you is always a good thing. You can believe everything these people tell you because they have no reason to give you bad advice. Ask them how long they have taken their car to that particular mechanic. Has the guy always done top quality work? Does he charge a fair rate? How long does he usually take to finish the repairs?

3. You can get a lot of useful info by going to auto shows.

Auto shows and conventions are where car enthusiasts go to display their vehicles so the public can look at them. These people should definitely be able to give you some references for auto repair shops in your city that will do good work and not charge too much.

It might be difficult to hire a professional mechanic, if you are using your car for a business purpose as the time wast may lead to business loss. In that case you can lease cars like Fiat at a minimal cost. Plenty of Fiat Business Contract Hire is available.

Top Maintenance Tips For Your Truck

It does not matter whether you have a brand new truck or a pre-owned one, keeping up with routine maintenance is important for keeping your truck in its peak condition. Doing regular maintenance will also help you to catch problems earlier before they become bigger problems and cost much more to fix. There are many basic maintenance tips that anyone can follow and some are listed below. Keep in mind, however, any replacement mte truck accessories should be purchased only from a reputable seller such as from

Change Oil And Filter
Keeping clean oil in your truck will help to keep it lubricated and protected. The oil in any vehicle can quickly and easily get contaminated with dirt, dust and debris from within the engine and the outside environment. When this happens, your trucks engine cannot do its job properly. Along with the oil, it is important to change the filter out regularly as well. This is what keeps most of the contaminants out of the oil.

Fluid Levels
Along with your engine oil, you need to also regularly check the power steering fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid. All of these fluids are very essential to keeping every aspect of your engine running the way it should be. Even something as simple as the windshield washer fluid is necessary for your safety while driving.

Tire Rotation
Your tires are a very important component of your vehicle and they need to be in proper condition in order for you to remain safe while driving. Keeping your tires rotated is important for maintaining the tread wear on all four of the tires. By continually rotating them on a regular basis, you will prolong the life of your tires. Rotating your tires can also help improve your gas mileage and can prolong the life of your truck suspension components because of the reduction of vibrations.

It may not always be fun to do, but keeping up with the maintenance on your truck will ensure that it runs safely and have a much longer lifespan for you. Most of the regular maintenance is quick and easy to do and very affordable. Not taking care of these basic maintenance requirements can ensure that you end up paying much more out of pocket when issues get worse and are not dealt with accordingly. Keep your truck running better with the right maintenance plan in place.