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3 Steps to Choosing The Best Car Repair Shop

Having a car to drive around is a luxury we often take for granted until something breaks down and we are looking at expensive repairs. While car repair edmonds wa isn’t something we always look forward to, there a few steps you can take to make sure you pick a repair shop that will provide the best service at a competitive price.

Get Multiple Quotes

You’ve heard that it is wise to get a second opinion before undergoing a medical procedure, well expensive car repairs are no different. It pays to shop around and compare prices and recommendations. There likely won’t be a huge difference in the cost of parts, but labor charges can vary significantly. Make sure you ask questions if something doesn’t seem correct.

Base Repairs on Priority

If there are multiple things that need to be repaired and your budget is tight make your decisions based on what is the biggest priority. You don’t want to skimp when it comes to safety, but if there is an issue with something that can wait until you have the funds, don’t feel pressured to fix everything all at once.

Follow Your Gut

It’s always helpful if you know someone in the car repair business that you trust. You can also rely on personal recommendations from friends and family. However, at the end of the day, you need to go with your gut. If you’ve done your due diligence and researched your options and something doesn’t feel right, keep looking. Wait until you find a mechanic that answers your questions and provides the service you deserve. It also helps to check their certifications before you commit to big repairs. You want someone honest and knowledgeable.

Car repairs are inevitable. At one time or another, you are going to need to find a reputable car repair shop you can trust to fix your ride. When that time comes, follow these three essential steps to ensure you get your car fixed quickly and cost-effectively.

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance You Should Never Put Off

You rely on your car every day for getting to work, shopping, errands and even those well-earned road trips. Your car equals freedom, and when something happens, you could end up with no transportation. To catch simple problems before they become big ones, here are four preventative maintenance tips that you should never put off.

Annual Inspections

Having an annual safety inspection Olympia WA not only is the law, but it can also help identify any issues going on with your vehicle. Scheduling an inspection ensures that everything on your car is working properly. Plus, you won’t need to worry about getting a ticket for an expired sticker.

Oil Changes

Having your car’s oil changed is one of the cheapest maintenance routines you do, yet it’s one of the most important. Failing to get an oil change can cause extensive damage. When oil gets dirty, it’s like poison to your car’s engine. The toughest part of an oil change is actually remembering to schedule it, so mark your calendar!

Tire Rotation

Tires are vital to a car’s performance. Worn down tires or misaligned wheels aren’t safe, so have them rotated and balanced at least every six months for even wear. If you live in an area where you get snow, replace old tires in the fall before the first snowstorm.

Battery Check

Your car’s battery feeds your lights and radio, but more importantly, it supplies power to your starter. If you have a dying or dead battery, you won’t be going anywhere without a jumpstart, and that’s only a temporary solution. Have your battery regularly checked, and remember, a car battery loves charging, so use that as an excuse to take a long drive!

Preventative Measures

You use your vehicle all the time, so it needs to be in optimum condition. Taking preventative measures is just part of being a car owner. Making a to-do list today can save you hundreds of dollars tomorrow.

Facts About Hidden Vehicle Damage After Rear-End Collisions

Almost half of all traffic accidents are rear-end collisions. Some accident damage is clearly visible, such as a broken taillight or a dented bumper. Other damage can remain hidden until a more thorough inspection of the vehicle is conducted.

Buried Bumper Damage

Those familiar with the internal structure of vehicles, including people who work in auto body repair Denver CO, understand where to look for hidden damage. One of those areas is the bumper.

The purpose of a bumper is to prevent or lessen the damage to the front or back of the vehicle. It can be made of many types of material, but underneath the bumper is material designed to absorb the energy created during an accident.

Even if the bumper appears to have minor or no damage on the surface, there can be significant damage underneath. When impaired, the material is no longer able to absorb energy from future accidents and could result in more severe damage.

A Bent Frame

Damage to the bumper can also result in damage to the vehicle frame. The frame can be bent, even in minor accidents, and that damage is not visible to the naked eye. Inspection of the structure by trained professionals is important to determine any underlying damage.

A bent frame may not be able to hold up to future accidents, particularly high-impact collisions. Safety features such as airbags, cameras and warning sensors may malfunction as well since they rely on alignment.

Loose Wires and Troublesome Trunks

Any type of collision may cause electrical wires to loosen, resulting in limited battery life and malfunctioning speakers and rear operating lights. The trunk may become difficult to open, or it may open up without warning. There is also a possibility that the trunk could lose its watertight seal or the ability to stay locked, potentially causing a myriad of other issues.

Vehicle safety is important to drivers and passengers alike. Professionals trained to find hidden damage after an accident can help preserve safety.

These Simple Tips Will Help You Find Just the Right Repair Shop For Your Vehicle

It is one of the most dreaded experiences of being a car owner. Nevertheless, those motorists who act as though a mechanical failure will not happen to them will be in an even worse position when it inevitably does. If you or someone you know are struggling to find the best service provider for a particular car or issue, the simple guidelines that follow will provide a proper basis from which to get started.

Figure Out the Problem

While it is not feasible for the average driver to know the ins and outs of a complex machine, he or she will benefit by understanding the general process behind a major repair job. From rebuilt transmissions Waldorf MD to a blown gasket in Las Vegas, factors like time, location, and condition of the vehicle will all play a part in the nature of the service.

Find Someone With the Solution

After doing a bit of homework on the car, it is time to find a trusted professional. Some drivers already have a close professional connection to service experts. For those who do not, however, a cursory search online will provide an idea of which businesses in the area have a consistent rate of positive reviews and recommendations.

Make a Plan For the Future

When all is said and done, consider the factors that played a role in whatever situation needed to be addressed. If there are any measures recommended by the service provider that could prevent a similar issue in the future, be sure to heed that advice.
Driving comes with the promise of freedom, but also includes plenty of responsibility. For those drivers currently dealing with a persistent mechanical problem, maintaining an informed and calm outlook will be helpful. A good place to start is by following the tips outlined above.

What You Need to Know About Hail Damage

In the realm of natural disasters, hail is probably one of the most overlooked until you experience a storm for yourself. Hail can range in width from pebble-sized all the way to softball-sized in rare events. Depending on the wind, even small hail can wreck havoc especially on your vehicle. When it comes to hail damage, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Your Car in a Hail Storm

Hail is formed during a thunderstorm when drafts blow rain up to a colder elevation where it freezes before it falls. If you’re caught in a storm while on the road, there’s little you can do unless you can get your car under cover immediately. The blemishes that hail causes to a car’s finish can be devastating. You’ll need expert hail damage repair Denver CO to safely remove the dents and dings.

A Smashed Windshield

Your car’s finish isn’t the only thing that can be destroyed in a hail storm. If hail is large and conditions are right, you could be looking at a cracked or completely destroyed windshield.

How to Prepare Your Car for Hail

Storms can come up quickly and your car is vulnerable if it sits outside. There are a few things you can store in your car in anticipation of the worst. Consider having a large blanket or a heavy-duty tarp in your trunk just in case. In a pinch, it might help save your car’s paint job.

Bodily Injury Done by Hail

While not common, hail can cause bodily harm. If large hail can break windshields, imagine what it can do to your skin. It’s always best to seek shelter when you see a storm headed your way.

The Sky Eventually Clears

Despite all the precautions you take against horrible weather, you can’t protect your car all the time. The important thing is to stay safe and consult the experts once the sky clears.