Three Ideas for Personalizing Your Car’s Exterior

If you want to share your personal or professional affiliations, your sharp sense of style or your zany sense of humor with the world, have you thought about personalizing your car’s exterior? From bumper stickers to a new set of wheels, there are many ways to achieve your goal. Here are three ideas for you to consider.

1. Stickers and Decals

Stickers and decals are one of the most affordable ways to personalize your car’s exterior. They’re effective mobile advertising tools that let you tell others who you are and what you believe in. From supporting your alma mater to declaring your favorite national park, you can usually find the sticker of your dreams for a few dollars. If you have a unique idea, you may even consider a customized sticker or decal.

2. License Plates and Frames

Personalized license plates let you share your story while on the road. If you’d rather not go that far, consider a license plate frame. It’s an affordable and effective way to promote your organization or business. For example, if you’re an automotive dealer, you might decide to buy promotional license plate frames Seattle WA. Imagine every car you sell rolling off the lot with your dealership’s name and website address framing its license plate!

3. Wheels

A more expensive option than stickers or license plates and frames, a new set of wheels upgrades the look of your car. From steel wheels to custom alloy and chrome-coated varieties, there’s nothing like a new set to communicate your style. No matter the type of car you drive, from an antique to a new model, a new set of wheels can give it a distinctive look.

If these three ideas have captured your imagination, browse the internet for more suggestions. From a complete paint job to antennae toppers and hood ornaments, there’s no shortage of creative ideas.

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