Test Drive the Subaru XV Crosstrek

subaru-xvOne thing that is extremely difficult for a car manufacturer to gulp down is an unexploited market gap. Product planners like football scouts spend hours exploring possible segments where a new model can be launched. Indeed the motivation for Chevy HHR Panel, Nissan Murano and BMW 5 series stemmed from this insatiable appetite to exploit even the tiniest of existing vacuum in the market. The inspiration behind Crosstrek was also derived from the car’s minimal presence in the luxury hatchback segment.

As with most new models, launched in an unchartered domain, the Subaru Crosstrek should be approached with initial caution. Though the model is new it has a distinct similarity with the Impreza. With the Impreza going larger and WRX being totally shifted into the performance realm, the need for Crosstrek is well documented in the place of the now outdated Outback Sport in order to maintain the comprehensive line up of the company. This is why the launch of Crosstrek makes complete sense and although a new model it has a familiar feeling. The look of Impreza has been modified though and Crosstrek comes with some additional funky body claddings and a lift kit.

Though the styling of Crosstrek is not as immaculate as hatchbacks from other manufacturers it retains the daunting posture of the mother brand. The ground clearance is an unbelievable 8.7 inches a distinct improvement on Impreza and even better than competitors like CX5 from Mazda, Jeep Compass and Ford Escape.  The wheels have been pushed farther into the corner making the car ideal for offroading.

Subaru has often come under a lot of criticism for its uncouth interiors and while the Crosstrek does not address the problem completely, it is without doubt a marked improvement over the last models. The car has nice leather seating along with a leather covered steering wheel. Size of the steering wheel is appropriate for comfortable driving and the controls are lot smoother than previous Subaru models. Faux metal accents has a brightening effect on the cabin and though certain switches like the seat warmer is still placed in an awkward position the cabin space improvement is significant from other models. Before buying see our Subaru Inventory at Tindol Subaru of NC and request for a test drive to get the most apt customization features. Priced at around a moderate US$ 27,000 this car is worth buying.

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