Run flat tyres – Are they worth the money you spend?

Prior to getting into the details of the run flat tyres, it is important to know what they are. These are the tyres that will take you few extra miles even if it has been punctured till the time you don’t reach an auto shop where repairing work is carried out. In fact few of these tyres will also travel at least 50 miles extra and this should be enough to take you out of a stranded situation till the time you don’t receive help.

Types of run flat tyres

Basically, there are two types of run flat tyres you will come across. One is known as Self Supporting tyre and the other type is referred to as the Auxiliary Supported. In case of the former, the rubber is tougher and stiffer. This is advantageous as these tyres are able to withstand the pressure of the vehicle even when it is in a punctured state when the pressure of the tyre is low. However, in this type of run flat tyres, you will need an air pressure monitoring apparatus. This type of apparatus has been made mandatory by the government and is required to be present as standard care equipment. This has been made mandatory because while a driver is driving, he may not be able to notice the changes in air pressure in the tyres.

Auxiliary supported tyres, on the other hand, are devoid of tougher and stiffer rubber. These tyres remain attached to steel supported rims which in turn is attached to the wheels. This arrangement helps in supporting the weight of the vehicle even when the tyre gets punctured.

What are the lacunae in run flat tyres?

Although these tyres offer the advantage of taking you that extra mile to get you out of a stranded situation, yet these tyres have not been unanimously approved by all drivers. Why is this so? Let us find out. The first and foremost reason is the cost. The ordinary tyres are less expensive as compared to the run flat tyres.

Secondly, the ‘ride quality’ in case of ordinary tyres is much better as compared to the run flat tyres. Then again since the run flats are heavier they cannot pick up the required speed as you desire. As such fuel economy is also affected in an adverse manner. Moreover, they do not perform too well at low temperatures as the grip they offer is not optimum. As such the chances of accidents are also more.

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