Mercedes Benz Car Leasing

Mercedes are world renowned for having that something special that other cars just can’t touch and that special thing is ‘class’. Mercedes never fail to provide a superiority in their cars from stylishly comfortable interiors to sleek, classy exteriors. But, this superiority does not come without a price!! A 1 year old used Mercedes SLK could cost you somewhere in the region of 35k. This is a lot of money – especially in the recession when many people are finding the economical situation hard going.
So – how can you get one of these timelessly classy cars without breaking the bank? The answer is car leasing. If you haven’t heard of car leasing before, now’s the time to tune in and listen! Car leasing is basically just a different way of financing a car. But the best part? You can hand the car back at the end of a 2 year contract in return for another brand new car!
To find out more about car leasing you can speak to a company called Hawkins Prestige they specialise in Mercedes-Benz car leasing along with other prestigious cars including Range Rover, Porsche, Jaguar and BMW.

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