Keeping Your Car Running for a Lifetime

Car23A car is a serious investment. Vehicles are designed to be used for a person’s lifetime, but many owners can be observed to buy new cars only after 3-5 years of using their old one. This can be attributed to poor maintenance and infrequent servicing. Here are some ways to preserve the performance of your car for years to come.

Follow Scheduled Services
One of the most obvious ways to keep a car running at its optimum is also one of the most ignored. Regular service check-ups are vital to keeping a vehicle in tip-top shape.

Every car comes with an owner’s guide that outlines how often car maintenance services should be done. Usually, this is recommended after every 30,000 miles or so, but may vary from model to model. The manual will also indicate when major parts would need to be replaced or serviced. Don’t ignore this information. While it might be boring to read in the beginning, it will keep the car operational for decades.

Replacing Fluids
Many car owners neglect to replace crucial fluids that, over time, can lose their effectiveness. These liquids keep the vehicle running smoothly and make sure that all moving parts continue to move the way they should. Power steering fluid is one such neglected fluid that should be replaced at regular intervals. Not changing this can result in clogging vital components or overworking the engine. Make sure to check how often this needs to be replaced as per manufacturer’s specifications.

Also inspect the brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant. While these may require regular maintenance, there are some fluids that are permanently sealed and do not require changing. Read up on these components from the vehicle’s manual.

Inspecting Important Components
A vehicle’s brakes should be regularly inspected for signs of damage. The pads should retain enough material to safely stop the vehicle. Those with disc brakes should watch out for rotor pitting, warping and uneven wear.

Some car owners only think of replacing their tyres when they finally give out. This can be a dangerous habit, especially if a tyre blows in the middle of a busy motorway. Before this happens, be sure to check the car’s tyres for signs of wear and tear. Prolong a tyre’s life by rotating them regularly. Fuel efficiency can also be improved by keeping tyres at their optimum pressure.

The timing belt and serpentine belt are two essential components that need to be inspected and replaced when needed. The former can cause engine damage if not properly maintained while the latter works around hot engine parts and will need to be proactively replaced once in a while.

Regular maintenance can keep a car running for decades to come. In fact, frequent inspections and service can keep a vehicle’s value up even after years of use. So, if you’re thinking about selling your car, check out and other such websites to find out the best way how. You won’t have to wonder, how do I sell my car again.

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