How To Detail a Car

Car detailing can make your vehicle appear as good as new. Detailers carefully clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle, removing all dirt, debris and stains. Here’s how it’s done.

Hire a Professional

Before learning how to detail a car and buying the equipment to get the job done, look into having it cleaned professionally. It may end up being cheaper and saving you a lot of time. A service that offers mobile car detailing near me can even come to you and clean the vehicle at your home.


The inside of your car is subject to a lot of wear and tear. Between spilled food and drinks, dust, dirt and more, it can get very dirty over time. To detail your car, you will want to vacuum the interior, including seats and floormats, at least twice. If necessary, you can also deep clean the carpet. Next, you should clean the seats. Make sure to read the labels on cleaners to make sure they are safe for the type of seats you have. You should also clean the inside of the windows with glass cleaner. Lastly, wipe down and sanitize the dashboard, steering wheel, doors and other surfaces in the car.


The exterior of your car is constantly being exposed to dirt, rain, snow, salt and more. You should wash and rinse the car by hand, making sure to get all of the small crevices that an automatic carwash can’t reach. Next, you should polish the vehicle to make the paint shine. At this time, you can also apply tire shine to make your tires look brand new. Lastly, put a coat of wax on the car to protect it.

Detailing your car regularly will keep it looking brand new, and it can lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle.

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