4 Signs Your Exhaust Is in Trouble

Your car’s exhaust is an amazing configuration that converts engine gases into safer emissions that are expelled from the vehicle. With so many parts to an exhaust system, problems can creep up as the years go by. Here are four signs your car’s exhaust is in trouble.

1. Unsettling Noise and Vibration

When you’ve had a car for a long time, you’re familiar with all its sounds. If you suddenly notice a strange noise when you start it up or step on the gas, you might have an exhaust problem. Trembling or vibration when stopping is also a sign.

2. Check Engine Light Is Lit

A check engine light can mean many different things, but a good amount of the time it’s related to your exhaust. If your light is staying on, have your exhaust system Burlingame CA checked out. Even if it’s not the exhaust, you need to know why it’s lit.

3. Gas Smell Inside the Car

The last place you want to smell gasoline is inside your car, but it’s usually a dead giveaway of an exhaust issue. If an exhaust pipe is leaking, fumes will seep into the car’s interior. Smoke and a burning smell from the exhaust also mean trouble.

4. Poor Fuel Efficiency

If you notice you’re not getting as far as you used to on a tank of gas, it could be your exhaust. If you have a faulty oxygen sensor, which might be why your check engine light is on, your car will burn more fuel. Have your exhaust checked before spending any more money at the gas pump.

If you notice peculiar noises, unpleasant smells or your car’s fuel efficiency is plummeting, it’s probably your exhaust. A quick call to your repair shop will get you diagnosed and back on the road in no time.

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