3 Benefits Of Brushless Car Washes

Going to the car wash is something many people do. It can be easier and faster than washing your car yourself. Here are three benefits of brushless car washes.

1. Lowering The Risk Of Damage

When you get a brushless or touchless car wash service, you’re lowering the potential for your car to be damaged. Hand washing in particular avoids the use of not only abrasive bristle brushes but also machines that can damage the exterior or undercarriage of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a hand wash, cloth wash or chemical wash, you should be able to find your preference by searching online for a brushless car wash near me.

2. Protecting Your Car’s Finish

A particular concern of people going to car washes is that brushes in automatic car washes may damage their cars’ finishes. Damage to the finish can cause scratches, rust and corrosion or dirt transfer. Getting a brushless car wash can significantly reduce the risk of your car’s finish being damaged and ensure the finish lasts much longer.

3. Improving Wash Precision

Brushless car washes tend to be more precise than those that use brushes. A soft-touch car wash or a hand wash will typically use foam and gentle cloths which can more easily target specific sections and get into nooks and crannies. Hand washing, in particular, can be much more precise in the amount of pressure applied, with more pressure for more intense dirt and debris buildup. Other options include chemical washing or high-pressure water. Chemical washing can also target difficult-to-reach areas better than brushing and high-pressure water can precisely target many types of buildup with minute changes in pressure applied to better handle different types of buildup.

Ultimately, whatever type of car wash you choose to go to will adequately clean your car. Traditional car washes, hand washing and brushless car washes all have their advantages and disadvantages.

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