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Bumper Blacklist – What to Look Out For When Buying a New Car

There’s no doubt that buying a new car is an exciting process.

Whether you’re upgrading your current model or looking into purchasing your very first vehicle, there are so many things to consider.

If you think back ten or so years ago when features such as power steering, air conditioning or even a CD player were expensive optional extras, you’ll realise just how far technology has progressed.

We spoke to Cars and Co to get the lowdown on what to look out for when considering technological features for your new car.

Bluetooth and USB
Having the option to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth now comes as standard in many models currently available on the market. However, not all Bluetooth systems are created equal.

Firstly, it’s important to check that the Bluetooth system was installed before arriving at your chosen dealership. If not, this could mean that the system may not have been integrated into the car’s controls or audio system correctly. Having Bluetooth systems installed by your dealer could also mean that the system is not covered by the car maker’s warranty.

You should also check to see if your vehicle’s Bluetooth system has been designed to wirelessly stream audio. Having this option will allow you to listen to music or radio stations via your phone or portable music device.

If your car does not have Bluetooth you can connect your smartphone or music device via USB ports. USB ports commonly come as standard, even in less expensive models.

Five-Star Safety
Newer models are now rated by a five-star safety system.

When looking into safety ratings it’s important to know which organisation or authority has rated the vehicle you’re looking at. Euro NCAP and Australasian NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) are the two most commonly used organisations.

Although these organisations tend to share data, the two do have different scoring systems. For example, Australasian NCAP often gives their rating based on the safety of the occupant, whereas Euro NCAP tends to focus more on pedestrian protection. This is why it is common for some models to have a higher safety rating in Europe than they do here and vice versa.

When you take into consideration that some navigation systems can be purchased for as little as $100, it’s hard to think why some car manufacturers can charge over $5000 for the option of an in-built navigation system. Luckily some mid-priced hatchbacks now include this option as standard but again there are some things that need to be considered.

These include whether or not the system has a touch sensitive screen and if map upgrades are included in the price of installation. Updating maps on your navigation system can cost anywhere between $100 and $200, but some manufacturers will offer free map upgrades for a number of years.

Rear Seatbelt Warning
The seat belts are considered to be one of the main safety features in your car.

Yet, there is no way of knowing if your passengers have unbuckled themselves without a seatbelt warning light. This feature is great for those who have small children and want to ensure that their family is safe during car journeys.

The best versions of these warning signals show who is secured in each of the five seats within your car. Cheaper systems may only have one warning symbol of all 3 seats, which give you no indication of who has undone their seatbelt.

Hopefully, the above points have given you some indication of features to consider when buying your next car. Nowadays there are so many technological features and gadgets to be considered in order to make your new car suit your individual lifestyle and specific wants or needs.

Preparing Your Car for Texas Auto Transport

4-open-auto-transporterShipping a vehicle can seem deceptively simple; you either drive it or hire a transporter. Whichever choice you make, though, there are ways to prepare your car for the trip ahead. By following the tips below, you’ll be ready to go when the carrier picks your car up.

Clean it Up

Wash your vehicle thoroughly, taking photos from a variety of angles to document your car’s condition before shipment. If there’s any damage, make a note of it; the carrier will also note it on the inspection report. Carriers can’t be held liable for previous damage, as outlined in the contract.

Clean it Out

When you’re getting your car ready to ship, you should remove all of your belongings from the trunk and the interior. Most transporters don’t allow customers to move personal items with the car; they’re not licensed to move household items, the items won’t be insured during transit, and unsecured items can become dangerous projectiles during an accident.

Tighten Loose Parts

Before pickup, check the car and ensure that loose parts are tightened or removed. Whether you’re hiring auto transport California to Texas or you’re moving a short distance, auto shipping takes time and planning. By removing loose parts such as fog lights, spoilers and mirrors, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle during shipping.

Disable the Alarm

8-enclosed-luxury-car-transportYou may have done everything else on the checklist, but it’s easy to forget about the alarm system. It’s important to disconnect it, especially on overseas shipments. If you have to leave it on, or you forget to disconnect it, tell the shipper how to do so. A system that goes off during shipping won’t stop until your battery goes completely flat.

Inflate Your Tires and Charge Your Battery

When preparing your car for auto transport Texas to California, top off all fluids and tell the shipper about any leaks. If your car leaks brake fluid, oil or transmission fluid, have the leak repaired before shipment, as the leaking fluid can damage other cars and the carrier itself.

Mechanical Issues

Though it’s possible to ship a non-running car, it’s best to move them when they’re fully operational. However, if mechanical issues exist, let the carrier know beforehand. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your move is secure and safe. Reliable carriers know how to help customers get the most out of the service, and they can answer any questions you may have.

Hyundai Creta Review – Autoportal explains why you should buy the diesel version

Hyundai CretaThe much awaited compact SUV from Hyundai Motors India Limited – the Creta was launched just on the 21st of July this year. This launch comes at a time when the car buyers in the country are obsessed with compact sedans and compact SUVs. It would be really interesting to see how the Creta will prove its worth in this tough race. Nevertheless the model has already begun its conquest by getting over 10000 pre-booking orders.

The Hyundai Creta diesel automatic

One reason that makes the Creta stand over its rivals is its automatic diesel engine, which is the very first and also the only one in its segment. While the 1.4-litre diesel and 1.6-litre diesel engines get a 6-speed manual gearbox, the 1.6-litre diesel engine can be bought either with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. The automatic versions have been perfectly tuned in for highway cruising as well as urban city drives. Indians have now got a taste of the automatic transmission and the demand for these cars is now increasing at a fast pace, which makes the Creta diesel very special.

Engine Performance

The 1.4-litre CRDi diesel powertrain produces maximum power of 90 PS along with 220 Nm of top torque while the 1.6-litre diesel motor produces 128 PS of peak power and 260 Nm of maximum torque. Conversely the 1.6-litre VTVT petrol engine is capable of churning out only a high power of 123 PS along with 151 Nm of top torque. All the engines are refined and the gear shifts are quite smooth. Mileage offered is also decent at 17-19 kmpl for the diesel ones and 15-21 kmpl for the petrol one. Another striking feature here is the well-controlled NVH levels.

Rich in features

Adjustable front head rests, keyless entry, power windows, height adjuster for driver’s seat, adjustable rear seat head restraints, 7 inch infotainment system with steering mounted controls for audio system and Bluetooth, audio-video navigation and smart key with push button are some of the worthy comfort features. In addition, the automatic diesel modelgets Child seat anchor, chrome-finish outside door handles, leather-finished gear-lever knob, smart key with push-button start and 60:40 split rear seats. Features like engine immobilizer, six airbags, impact sensing auto door unlock, electronic stability control with hill assist control, rear parking camera with guidelines and sensors and rear parking sensors make it an absolutely safe car.


Hyundai offers the Creta diesel models in a price range of Rs 9.46 to Rs 13.57 lakhs. The high-end 1.6 SX + AT Diesel model at Rs 13.57 lakhs seems slightly pricey, but then one should remember that it is the only diesel automatic vehicle in its league.

Preparing for a Cross Country Move for One

Car shippingMoving across the country can be a scary experience, especially when moving alone. Families have different members to lean on as a support system; being single and moving requires a lot of bravery and the ability to rely on one’s self. It can be very exciting and rewarding as long as the individual is fully prepared before the big move. Any forgotten detail could spell disaster during such a big life change.

Finding a Safe Neighborhood 
When moving and living alone, safety is a massive concern. Moving into a bad neighborhood could be much more dangerous for an individual than it would be for a couple or a family. Without safety in numbers, an individual could become an easy target for crimes. It is important to do large amounts of research regarding the new town or city, so that the individual has an idea of how safe each nearby street and neighborhood is around his or her future home.

Transporting the Vehicle 
One of the biggest obstacles for an individual when moving is transporting the vehicle. If he or she is driving a moving truck, a car hauling trailer attachment may not be available. Car shipping would be the best solution here, as the car can be safely shipped to the new home. If the vehicle just so happens to be a large truck or van, belongings can be hauled in a trailer attached to the vehicle. 

Promising Job Offers 
It is virtually impossible to survive without a job. In order to pay the bills on time, a job must be secured upon arrival. Job hunting before the move is important. Many employers are willing to perform phone interviews for qualified applicants. If this is not possible, another option would be to save enough money to cover the costs of moving, home rental or purchase, and all utility bills for 4 to 6 weeks after moving. This allows a sufficient amount of time to secure a job and a stable income.

Moving is an incredibly stressful experience on anyone. However, it can be made much worse when the mover is ill prepared for the big trip. Finding a safe neighborhood, promising job offer, and reliable vehicle shipping will help the individual to adjust to life in a new, unknown city much more easily.

Is Porsche the Fastest German Made Car?

PorscheThe question, if Porsche is the fastest German made car, is not actually very simple to answer. Multiple heavy weight car brands that are famous for their advanced engineering and innovative design including Volkswagan, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler have their origin in Germany. Most of these brands have their hybrid sports models and it is indeed a point of great debate which one is actually the best as far as speed is concerned. However, Porsche is obviously one of the fastest cars around which is praised for its high- end engineering and extreme power.

Bugatti Veyron Vs Porsche 918
In the year 2008, the fastest car the world witnessed was the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, which could hit 60mph within 2.5 seconds and can cover the quarter of a mile within as little as 10.1 seconds. However, even this record was smashed by Porsche 918, which was tested to be able to hit the 60 mph mark in just 2.2 seconds and cover a distance of one fourth of a mile in 9.8 seconds. So, in this rate with increasing acceleration the Porsche 918 can easily beat the Veyron by miles; and hence you can actually call it the fastest car.

Porsche AG and their production line
Porsche AG is the biggest and the most traditional Sports Car manufacturer in the world. The brand established by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG is a specialized manufacturer of sports cars, sedans and SUVs. The company has it’s headquarter at Stuttgart and is a subsidiary of Volkswagan AG. The current models of Porsche running on the roads are 911, Cayman, Cayenne, Boxster, Panamera, Macan, and the fastest 918. Most of these models are not actually faster than the fastest BMW or Mercedes. So, we cannot say that Porsche is the fastest German made car, because Mercedes SLS AMG can actually beat most of these models in speed, except the fastest one, the Porsche 918.

Fastest cars from German manufacturers
German cars have for long been a point of amazement to the world. These cars have placed a mark of standard in the automobile manufacturing industry. The famous American, Italian and Japanese brands have often followed the innovative ideas introduced by the German automobile manufacturers to make their mark in the market. The fastest BMW model, the M5 30th Anniversary Edition is capable to gain a speed of 60 mph within 3.7 seconds, which is far lower compared to the Porsche. Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, the fastest car from the other German manufacturer Daimler is capable to hit a speed of 0-60 within 3.2 seconds and cover a quarter of a mile within 11.2 seconds, which is again not up to the mark of Porsche 918.

The fastest car of the world
However, at present the crown of the fastest car of the world is not with Porsche or Veyron, it is the Hennessey Venom GT that has captured the super title. This super car is manufactured by Hennessey Performance Engineering a Texas based company, and assembled in England. So, even though Porsche 918 is the fastest German made car it is not certainly the fastest car in the world.