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Metallic Coatings and Processes

Applying a metallic coating to a product serves a number of advantages, depending on its use. Electroplating has been used for decades in the jewelry and automotive industries. In this process, a metallic finish coating is attached to a metal product by means of an electric charge.

For example, a “gold plated” necklace is made of steel or other substance and electroplated with gold leaf. The resulting necklace is meant to look like a solid gold piece, but sold for a fraction of the cost. In the automotive field, it has been used to add sheen to trim pieces of the vehicle.

But an increasingly popular method of applying a metallic coating is through a process called physical vapor deposition or PVD. In this method, the product is placed in a vacuum at a very low temperature. The product is then saturated in the metal coating, providing a very thin, but very durable film.

It does not rely on an electrical charge to adhere to the product so a larger array of materials can be finished through the PVD method. Glass, plastic and other materials can be metallized. PVD technology has been refined greatly over the past three decades.

There are other reasons for applying a metallic coating besides aesthetics. Some of the advantages of a finished PVD coating include:

•    Wear protection- in a product where corrosion is a concern, an inhibiting PVD coating can be applied. Tool, cutting dies, nuts and bolts are becoming popular items to apply a PVD coating;
•     Vapor protection- the PVD coating can act as a vapor barrier, either to prevent the release of noxious product vapors or as a barrier to prevent moisture damage to the product;
•    Friction reduction- In moving parts of machinery, certain PVD coatings can reduce the friction coefficient of two moving parts. The resulting friction protection can prolong the life of machinery, increase operating speeds and reduce heat build up.

Another advantage to a PVD applied coating is a uniform application, with a very thin final film. It is especially advantageous in products with grooves, corners and uneven surfaces. The PVD process doesn’t create a build up of coating. Finally, the PVD applied coating can be removed and reapplied a number of times over the life span of the coated product.

Because PVD coating remains a specialized field, company choices may be limited. It is usually best to choose a company that has experience in the field, with a solid track record of quality coatings.

Safety Tips for Driving Late at Night

Whether drivers are on the road late at night because they have to be or they simply enjoy attending concerts or hanging out at other late-night venues, staying safe on the road after hours is vitally important to both their safety and that of their passengers. From the basic to the advanced, there are plenty of ways to stay safe after sunset.

Dimming other lights in the vehicle is one way that drivers can improve their nighttime vision. While overhead or dashboard lights may not seem like they are producing enough light to affect vision, they are. By turning down or eliminating all light sources in the vehicle, drivers are likely to be safer on the roads.

Drivers on dark, rural roads are often alert for wildlife crossing in front of their cars, but animals also occasionally wander into traffic in urban areas and the on highway. Learning to spot the glow of the headlights in an animal’s eyes may help drivers avoid what could prove to be a costly collision with it.

While cleaning a car’s windows seems like a logical way to ensure that the driver can see, it is more important to do it correctly. Simply washing the windshield will make daytime driving a snap, but those traveling at night need to enure that they have also polished the glass with newspaper to remove glare-creating streaks.

While many new cars come with factory-installed LED lights, those driving older vehicles may find that installing their own LED auto headlights is a good way to shed more light on the road in front of them. Similarly, adding high-quality auxiliary lights may also improve nighttime vision on the road.

One of the best ways to ensure that the road remains clearly in vision is for drivers to keep their eyes healthy. Those suffering from conditions that affect vision, such as diabetes or glaucoma, may wish to speak to their ophthalmologist about driving at night; healthy individuals should consider an annual eye exam to maintain excellent vision.

Cautious Driving Counts
Both new and experienced drivers must use caution behind the wheel of a car; this is especially important when it is dark outside or the weather is lowering on-road visibility. By taking time to learn to drive safely at night, everyone on the road has a better chance of arriving at their destination safely.

Feed Your Sweet Tooth with Sweet Deals

When you are looking for that perfect sweet tooth fulfillment, sometimes it can be a bit of a disappointment to awake to the fact that you are spending a huge portion of your budget on getting candies and other sweet treats. But if your primary aim in life is to make the most of it, and make sure you enjoy every sweet moment along with that philosophy, then you should not let a little dent in your budget stop you from enjoying some sweet stuff. Instead, start looking for a better source for your sweet treats, and save a bit of money on your addiction to sweet stuff.

Sourcing your candy from a more economical source does not mean you need to step down to knock off brands – not by a long shot. Instead, make sure you are shopping in the right places. For example, when you go out to the movies, do you buy your M&Ms at the concessions stand counter? No, of course not. You always bring a bag or three from home, right? Instead of buying your M&Ms at the most expensive place around, you make sure you have brought a more affordable option with you from the get-go.

The same logic can be applied to other areas of your life. If you know you have a sweet tooth that you will just need to satisfy, plan ahead. Instead of waiting until that craving for something sweet to strike, requiring an expensive trip to the corner store, pack your bag with a sweet treat before ever leaving the house.

By buying your sweet treats ahead of time in bulk, especially through vendors who give you a great discount, you can save a huge amount of money on your sweets budget, while still enjoying the wonderful treats you love. Check out the amazing deals that M&M is offering through Groupons Coupons and you will not be disappointed. Save $20 off, 20% off, or even 25% off of your entire order. The next time you sink your teeth into that guilty pleasure of yours, you will certainly not be feeling any remorse over the money you spent on it.

The Secret Life of Backdraft Dampers

Backdraft DampersA backdraft damper is an integral piece to any heating and ventilation system. This simple yet effective unit is slotted into a certain place in the HVAC system. When activated, it helps to keep unwanted cool air out of the building. They allow air to flow through exhaust ducts and outdoors while preventing unwanted air from entering the building while the exhaust fans aren’t running.

Air Quality Control They also help to circulate stale air out of a building, and thus maintain indoor air quality. Just think about the indoor air that you share each day with your family, coworkers, and friends. Dampers help to keep the air clean. They force out the polluted air, then close to prevent it from reentering the building. This also keeps unwanted particulants from building up in the air, including mold spores, pollen, dust, dust mites, nad pet dander.

Temperature Control Dampers also expel warm air when needed. Places like the basement, laundry room, and attic can accumulate heat over time. The dampers help expel the excess warm air in the same way it would cold air, as well as excess humidity. They’re also found in places where temperature and humidity must be regulated, such as kitchen range hoods, clothes dryer vents, bathroom exhaust systems, and microwaves.
Dampers are necessary in commercial and industrial settings where heat can build up quickly on a regular basis. Dampers can also eliminate offensive odors, such as a strong chemical or gas smells.

What To Look For A high-quality damper will be easy to install. They provide a good seal against backdraft air, and operate without noise or vibration. Regardless of the time of year, dampers help to provide a satisfactory temperature, humidity level, and air quality for the inhabitants of a building.

Without dampers, an HVAC system simply couldn’t work to its full potential. It’s easy to overlook their importance when the heating, cool, and ventilation system is working smoothly. However, when it comes time to service or replace a damper, make sure it comes from a high quality source.

Make the Most of Your UTV

four wheelerIf you love the ATV experience, you can take it up a notch when you venture into the world of side by sides. A UTV allows you to get the most out of your machine, testing its limits as you venture into the same territory that you used to enjoy on your four wheeler with someone along for the ride. Whether you’re hitting a trail system in the woods, heading out to the desert, or want to take on the challenge of a rocky climb, your UTV will go above and beyond. Side by Side Stuff is here for you to help you enhance your ride. Contact us now when you have a question or you are ready to order. Side by Side Stuff has exactly what you need to enjoy your next trip on your UTV. 

Know Where to Find Exactly What You Need
It doesn’t matter what kind of UTV you own or are thinking about buying in the future. Side by Side Stuff has a full range of parts and accessories that are at the ready to boost performance, offering you features that will help you to enjoy your ride even more. You could be a Honda, Polaris, Kubota, or Yamaha fan. You name the machine. Side by Side Stuff has what you need for the ultimate UTV experience. From aggressive tires and wheels that can help you to tackle tough conditions to a full enclosure to keep you warm when the weather changes for the worse, you’ll find what you need to complement your machine. The team at Side by Side Stuff is at the ready to help you.

Customer Service You Can Count On
Side by Side Stuff makes it easy when you have a question or a problem concerning your UTV. You’ll be able to take advantage of a helpful, experienced staff that is just excited about riding side by sides as you are. You can call, send a fax, or use the convenient contact form that is available online. Shoot the team a question at Side by Side Stuff and you’ll get answers. They’ll help you to scope out the parts and accessories that will work best for your machine. Whether you want a winch, need to boost your suspension, or think it’s time for an amazing sound system, Side by Side Stuff will help you to make your UTV experience complete.