Important Features That Most Users Look For in a Car

With the arrival of new models of cars all the time, there are always car features being added or upgraded. One of the most requested features nowadays are the car alarms. There is no wonder why. Car thieves have become quite efficient in their job and they can easily steal your car without even getting through the door. Here’s why you should consider getting car alarms installed in your car.


With the turn signal alone, other vehicles cannot turn around in case you accidentally brake or speed up. Also, the turn signal is an affordable feature to install. The only downside to this is that the added feature often turns off most car features such as air bags, anti lock brakes, and anti-theft devices. On that note, simply re listing all car features that you think are really must-haves for the next vehicle purchase. It’s really just a waste of money if these safety features are already turned off on your vehicle.


Other car features which turn on automatically include backup sensors and automatic seatbelts. These two are already standard in most vehicles today. If you get a vehicle with both of these, get it enhanced by installing both of these functions. Most modern vehicles come with automatic seatbelts nowadays and have built-in backup sensors as well. The turn signals are optional, but the added feature is definitely worth the extra investment.


Safety seats are also among the car features that most car owners would want to get. Seats play a major role in providing the best comfort and support to car occupants. Most car manufacturers offer different kinds of seats for different passenger sizes and body styles. Some car manufacturers go a step further and provide car owners with adjustable seats. Of course, car manufacturers know that most drivers prefer to have seats that offer maximum support and comfort.


Entertainment systems are another priority for car buyers. Car entertainment systems are among the car features that most car buyers would want to have. Entertainment systems come in various forms and types. For most car buyers, what matters the most is entertainment systems that provide good quality music and videos, satellite radio, DVD players, and other audio features. Some car manufacturers have also developed advanced video and digital satellite radio technologies that allow car owners to enjoy their favorite music and videos even when they are traveling.


One of the most important car features that car buyers look for is a warning system. A warning system helps the driver to avoid hazardous situations on the road. A driver can use the built-in system to announce several warnings before taking an action. For instance, a driver may check the engine and then announce a break down or problem. Most warning systems nowadays have built-in Bluetooth so that the announcement will not have an effect if there is no Bluetooth devices installed in the car. A car buyer can choose from several models of warning systems including the carplay, car alert, and car monitor warning systems.

Tips To Help You Understand Diesel Engines

Most people are far more accustomed to gasoline vehicles than diesel engines. After all, a tiny number of passenger vehicles operate on diesel. If you’re someone who pops the hood and expects to find spark plugs, read on for more information about diesel trucks.

Intake Air

As you probably know, it takes both air and fuel to make an engine run. In a diesel, air enters the turbocharger, where it is compressed before being mixed with fuel. The turbocharger is where the air is heated, so it combusts upon contact with fuel.


After that, the air is forced into the cylinder. While the piston makes its intake stroke, compressed air fills the cylinder. After that, the compression stroke begins. During this process, the air is thoroughly compressed. As you know, this is different than the process that takes place in gasoline engines.

Combustion Differences

One of the biggest differences between gasoline and diesel trucks is the combustion process they use. In a diesel, combustion takes place when the fuel meets the compressed air. Meanwhile, gasoline engines mix air and fuel before the combustion process.

The combustion chambers are located in different locations based on the engine type. For most diesel trucks, you will find the combustion chamber in the cylinder heads. The only time it is not there is in direct-injection engines, where it is found inside the piston. In this case, the chamber will be a small hole found in the piston. Inside the hole is a small cone shape. This shape is what spurs the atomization and combustion processes. It also diverts the brunt of combustion into the piston’s center rather than the crown. This makes the piston more reliable.

There are noticeable differences between diesel and gasoline engines. For the most part, both the engine parts and processes are different. Even though diesel trucks make up a smaller portion of the market, they have impressive features. Remember this information the next time you are looking at a diesel.

Keys to Finding a Reputable Auto Repair Shop Post Preview

Before handing over your keys to a new mechanic for service on your vehicle, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure the best possible outcome. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be sure to find a reputable auto repair shop with modern service equipment and top-notch technicians.  Here are a few crucial questions that will help you determine the quality of care you can expect from an auto repair shop.

Mechanic Qualifications

Gone are the days where just about anyone welding a wrench could repair or replace a part on a car. Today’s vehicles contain complicated computerized instruments requiring special high-tech tools and expert service technicians skilled in working with this equipment. When choosing an auto repair shop, it’s essential to ask how much and what type of experience the mechanics have in servicing vehicles. Do they have any certifications that verify their expertise? A reputable Olympia WA auto repair shop should have certified, experienced, and highly skilled mechanics qualified to repair all types of vehicles.

Warranty Protection

Ask if the auto repair shop provides a guarantee of the work performed. Reputable auto repair shops always back their work with a warranty. The specifics vary from company to company. Still, quality auto repair shops demonstrate their dedication and commitment to their customers by providing them the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re covered should an issue arise afterward.

Written Estimate

Ensure that the auto repair shop backs up any verbal agreement with a detailed written estimate that outlines probable costs of all parts and labor. Reputable auto repair shops understand the importance of being upfront and transparent about any out-of-pocket expenses not covered by a warranty. They will have no problem providing a written estimate to you.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the best possible outcome for both your vehicle and your wallet.

3 Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Great

You want your vehicle to get you to your destination, whether that’s a daily trip to and from work or school or a leisurely drive around town. You maintain your car’s systems according to the owner’s manual. You are careful to get oil changes, monitor the condition of the tires, and keep the windshield wipers in proper working order. For bigger issues, you take advantage of services from 5 star auto repair Bellevue WA. To make sure your ride looks as good as it functions, try a few simple tips to keep things clean and tidy.

1. Use a Garbage Can

Pick up a small, inexpensive trash receptacle to keep on the floor of your vehicle. Instead of tossing food wrappers or tissues on the seat next to you or tucking them away in storage compartments to forget about, you can throw them away properly in a dedicated place. This will make it easy to remove them from the car quickly on a regular basis. Any lingering odors will be taken away with the garbage.

2. Make a Cleaning Schedule

Decide on a regular date each month to wipe down the interior of your car and stick to it. Not only will this keep your surfaces shining, but it will also help combat any bacteria that may be present. If you think about how many of your vehicle’s components are touched frequently by many individuals, you’ll quickly realize the value of a fast clean-up.

3. Stow a Vacuum

Keep a small dustbuster on hand in your car so you can address those messes that pop up now and again. From a child’s spilled snack to some dirt from a potted plant you’re transporting, getting rid of this debris right away will prevent it from becoming part of a larger problem. Take care of it now and you won’t need to worry about it later.

Take pride in your vehicle and get ready to plan that next trip today!

4 Signs Your Exhaust Is in Trouble

Your car’s exhaust is an amazing configuration that converts engine gases into safer emissions that are expelled from the vehicle. With so many parts to an exhaust system, problems can creep up as the years go by. Here are four signs your car’s exhaust is in trouble.

1. Unsettling Noise and Vibration

When you’ve had a car for a long time, you’re familiar with all its sounds. If you suddenly notice a strange noise when you start it up or step on the gas, you might have an exhaust problem. Trembling or vibration when stopping is also a sign.

2. Check Engine Light Is Lit

A check engine light can mean many different things, but a good amount of the time it’s related to your exhaust. If your light is staying on, have your exhaust system Burlingame CA checked out. Even if it’s not the exhaust, you need to know why it’s lit.

3. Gas Smell Inside the Car

The last place you want to smell gasoline is inside your car, but it’s usually a dead giveaway of an exhaust issue. If an exhaust pipe is leaking, fumes will seep into the car’s interior. Smoke and a burning smell from the exhaust also mean trouble.

4. Poor Fuel Efficiency

If you notice you’re not getting as far as you used to on a tank of gas, it could be your exhaust. If you have a faulty oxygen sensor, which might be why your check engine light is on, your car will burn more fuel. Have your exhaust checked before spending any more money at the gas pump.

If you notice peculiar noises, unpleasant smells or your car’s fuel efficiency is plummeting, it’s probably your exhaust. A quick call to your repair shop will get you diagnosed and back on the road in no time.