Steps Major Cities Can Take to Address Parking Challenges

Parking is a major problem for cities across the United States. A lot of the parking problems stem from the rapid growth that is being seen in many cities across the country. This has led city planners and other officials to look desperately for alternative parking solutions.

An example of this is seen when you look at Denver, Colorado. Based on reports, in 2014, the city of Denver went from being 16th to 6th on Forbes annual ranking of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. This means that if things continue at the same pace, by 2030, there will be a little shy of four million residents in Denver. This is startling, especially when you think that in 2005, Denver was barely breaking 2.5 million residents.

There are a lot of reasons why Denver is growing in popularity. And to be fair, this growth in popularity happened because of the city’s booming economy. However, when it comes to city planning and looking for parking, it is a complete and total disaster. Not only is it a challenge for the residents of Denver, but it’s also a challenge for individuals who are looking to simply visit the city. There is no parking, and there are not a lot of new ways to create sufficient parking.

City planners had to recognize that there were only a limited number of parking spaces, and there was only so much that they could do to allow enough room for the city residents to park. One of the solutions that the city of Denver is looking into is automated parking garages. Other options include meters that function on a supply and demand principle. When there is a higher level of parking available, the price for parking plummets. However, when there is only a little bit of parking available, the price per parking space rises.

While Denver needs to look at its parking problem as a city issue, there is also a lot of benefit by looking at it on a very local basis. Neighborhoods need to work with city planners in creating local initiatives that address the specific needs of the neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods in Denver, have new coffee shops, nightspots, and galleries that are attracting a lot of attention. Condos are being built in particular parts of the city, and these are also going to bring with more congestion and the need for more parking.

Why car leasing is ideal for young professionals

For anyone entering the workplace these days, a car is almost essential. The ability to drive opens up far more employment opportunities, allowing you more freedom and progression. However, for anyone just leaving university with a tonne of debt, or even someone a few years down the line who’s still struggling to cope on a low wage, it might seem like an impossible thing to achieve.

These are just a couple of reasons why car leasing has seen a huge boost in business, as more young professionals receive all the benefits of a new car without the hefty price tag. If you still need convincing, here are a few more reasons to lease a car as a young professional…

More for your money
If you were to look at buying a car as a young person, you’d either have to save for years just for a small amount of money to be spent on an old car, or to get enough together for a deposit as part of a finance deal, which ties you in to huge monthly payments for years. When you lease a car instead, you’ll get a vehicle that’s straight off the factory floor, with little or no down-payment, and additional benefits such as breakdown cover and a manufacturer’s warranty.

Decreasing payments
When buying outright, depending on the car in question, you could lose thousands off the initial cost in the first year alone due to depreciation, simply by driving it out of the dealership. Plus, if you bought the car on finance, your monthly payments stay the same even though the car is worth less, and when you come to re-sell it you’ll take a big hit on your initial investment. If you were to rent the exact same vehicle, each year your payments would decrease in accordance with the car’s new value, freeing up more cash from your income.

Dressed to impress
Although it might not seem fair, appearance definitely counts. You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview in a hoodie, so don’t turn up to an important client meeting in a beaten-up car. Renting a smart-looking, reliable car will project the exact same image of success and dependability onto you as a person.

Be prepared
Life is full of surprises, so making sure certain things are as flexible as possible is a definite bonus. When it comes to your car, it needs to be able to adapt to changes in your lifestyle, which is why the ability to change your car as often as you need to can be a huge weight off your mind. Whether it’s the need for a family car sooner than expected, or you’ve decided to go travelling and need to move on your vehicle, you can simply exchange or hand back your car while renting it, with no hassle of a re-sale.

You can find out how to set up your own car lease here – we’d love to know your thoughts on today’s article so please leave them below…

Laugh Your License Points Away With a Brand New Online Traffic Class

The state of Florida is notorious for its lack of humor when it comes to law enforcement. This is no more true than in the area of traffic violations. If you get caught speeding, running a traffic light, or parking in an illegal fashion, you can expect a hefty fine with very little in the way of pleasantries. However, things may be changing when it comes to going to traffic school to get those nasty points off your license. A new Comedy Defensive Driving class has been established. The point of this class is to combine serious driver’s education with a bit of comedy so as to make the experience bearable.

You May as Well Laugh While You’re Stuck in Traffic Class
Attending a Florida traffic school is usually anything but a laugh riot. In fact, there are few experiences that pack more potential for mind numbing boredom, usually for hours at a time. So it’s perhaps only a matter of inevitably that someone has finally come along and made an honest attempt to liven things up. Perhaps the best feature is that the new Comedy Driving class can be experienced purely on the web. This means that you do not have to leave the comfort and safety of your own home in order to participate in the class. It’s a whole new level of convenience for you to enjoy while you learn.

The Course Is Set Up for Maximum Laughs And Maximum Education
The Comedy Driving course is a program like no other. You’ll experience plenty of laughs, especially of the slapstick variety. But you will also be treated to a full course of Florida driver’s education that will leave you in no doubt as to what you need to do to pass the test and get those pesky points wiped clean from your record. The course is set up to be taken online so that you can watch various parts as many times as you need so that you can learn at your own pace. Best of all, the course is fun. There’s no dry, boring cavalcade of endless statistics to put you to sleep. You’ll be too busy laughing.

Is There a Reason Why You Should Consider Taking a Comedy Course?
If you are on the fence when considering whether or not you should consider taking the Comedy Driving course, there are a few points to be mulled over. For one thing, why not take a course that is offered on the web? If you don’t have to leave your house, it means you don’t even have to get all dressed up to attend classes that are probably located a considerable distance from your home. You will be able to save time, money, fuel, and effort by taking the comedy course online instead of attending a regular, boring traffic class in person.

Another reason is that people find it a lot easier to learn information when they are in a relaxed mood. Being able to laugh here and there makes the inevitability of taking a test a great deal easier to deal with. If you are learning in an easy, relaxed manner, you will be much more receptive toward taking in and retaining the info you need to pass the ultimate test. These are only a few of the reasons why you should consider taking this special new Comedy Driving course.

Where Can You Gain Access to the New Comedy Driving Course?
The new Comedy Driving course can be ordered at its official website. The course is fully accredited by the state of Florida. If you pass the course, your results will be duly registered and will count toward getting your license points and other penalties lowered. The opportunity is here for you to take a class that will amuse and entertain you while helping you to learn the rules and regulations of the road. This is a special offer that you can take advantage of in order to wipe your record clean. If you are interested in signing up for the course, now is the time to contact their official site to learn more.

Motor Majesty – 6 Luxurious Tips For Upgrading Your Vehicle

Owning a car is a pretty standard necessity in today’s modern world.

Whether you live in the city and only use your car on weekends (because public transport is so much faster in peak hour) or if you’re in your car every day, you will know that a good driving experience is important for your enjoyment and peace of mind. If you are one of the lucky ones who’s never had to drive around in anything but the nicest of luxury cars then you won’t get much more from this piece than reinforcement for your choices.

For anyone else who is contemplating a vehicle upgrade and who needs a bit more information to convince them that luxury is the only way to go, read on. We firmly believe that a luxury vehicle is the only type of car that you should aspire to. A luxury vehicle oozes prestige, and gives you a thrill whenever you get behind the wheel.

It’s ok if you’re still on the fence about this, because we’re about to persuade you that a luxury car is exactly what you need to buy next. These tips have been brought to you by the people who really know luxury, Cars and Co.

All of the features
When you have a luxury car, you enjoy driving a vehicle which has been specifically geared with a human driver in mind. Some cars seem to have been designed for a person approximately two feet tall to drive them, such is the spacing a ratio in the driver’s seat. But when you have a luxury vehicle the seats are plush, the instruments are pleasing to look at and the driving experience is better overall.

While price tag on a luxury car might make you wince a little, think about the safety. When you invest in a luxury car you are investing in a vehicle which you know has been rigorously tested for safety. A luxury car is going to come with a whole lot of safety features each designed to make the driving experience a whole lot more secure.

Resale value
While you might think now that you’re going to have your car forever, the fact remains that at some point down the line you may want to sell it. When that time comes, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your luxury vehicle is going to retain its resale value a whole lot more than with an economy vehicle.

There is a big market for used luxury cars, because many drivers cannot afford to purchase a brand new one. Many of the luxury vehicles that are on the market also offer an excellent warranty that lasts for a lot longer than other brands. In many cases, basic services won’t cost you anything if you’re driving a luxury vehicle, which is a huge incentive for buyers.

When you get behind the wheel of an economy car, you’re going to get from A to B.

Hop behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle and you get from A to B, sure, but you’ll also enjoy a whole lot more comfort as you go. Enjoy hands free driving, satellite radio, and even WiFi in many cases.

Luxury treatment
Buying a luxury vehicle isn’t just about buying the car, because you’ll enjoy perks that you simply don’t get when you buy an economy vehicle. Take your luxury vehicle in to get a service, and you’ll often get a comparable car to drive while your car is being repaired. Different showrooms offer different perks, so make sure you shop around and find out what you can get with your new purchase.

One of the biggest reasons many people spend a bit more to invest in a luxury vehicle is because of the peace of mind they get when buying this kind of car. Your luxury vehicle is going to trump an economy car in terms of reliability every time.
Overall, it’s worth it. When investing in a new vehicle you may as well spend a little more and get a whole lot extra.

How to Sell More Used Cars

The process of selling cars consistently involves proper preparation and strategic sales procedures. If proper steps are followed throughout each phase, sales will happen on a regular basis.

Prep the Cars
Most used car buyers are picky, so they won’t spend any money on a vehicle that has unappealing flaws. The best way to create buying situations is by prepping every car so that key design elements look like new.

If the floor mats in any vehicles are missing or flawed, replaced them with new carpeting or rubber mats. These new accessories must fit snugly in each cabin, so you must pick mats or carpet materials that are designed for specific automotive brands and trims.

Safety concerns can impact the value of an automotive, so all headlight covers must be restored. A de-hazing kit or a restoration product can help you complete this task.

New seating should be considered if the fabrics are worn or stained. If replacing every seat in multiple automobiles isn’t an option, you can conceal the flaws by using seat covers.

Consider Each Buyer’s Situation
Because all buyers have unique financial situations, you must gather enough information as possible in order to determine a proper price point for certain vehicles. The best way to structure a deal is by considering each buyer’s:

  • Budget
  • Driving requirements
  • Driving habits

Build Trust
All individuals who visit a car dealership have one goal, which is to buy a car. As a seller, you must strive to close deals by targeting key triggers that can influence sales. In order to accomplish this task, you’ll have to build trust during every phase of the process. This mean that you must gather and share tons of information about each car that you’re trying to sell so that buyers can make practical choices that can benefit them financially.

By implementing these procedures, you’ll have opportunities to sell more cars without any hassle. If a vehicle needs a new VIN label before sales tasks can be tackled, VIN sticker replacement services are available.